Today's Images.
From Elliffen Graphix
  • I know few of us will ever admit to this, but at least once in our lives, we've all gotten caught up in a daytime soap. Once, even I, Scoopy Jr., was lured into the web of schlock that is the modern soap, but I survived. If you're wondering what it was that captured my attention, well it was actually two things. One, the large quantity of sexy women in love scenes, and the fact that it helped me score points with a girl I was dating. Woo-Hoo! Anyway, today Elliffen takes us on a little detour into soap opera land, starting with South African beauty Esta Terblanche, from "All My Children"
  • One more of Esta.
  • Next up, here's Lynn Herring. And No, that's not some strange type of Kosher food, just a silly name. I think Lynn is actually 352 years old. Maybe not quite, but she's been in a variety of soaps for a very long time. More importantly, she was also on "T.J. Hooker"! I'm still waiting for them to bring that back! Seriously, Shatner, and Adrian Zmed could really use the work! Plus I think everyone hates "Melrose Place", even Aaron Spelling! Heather needs to jump that ship and dust off her sexy polyester cop outfit. If for no other reason, police get a bad rap these days. Heather could make cops sexy and loveable again, like back in the 70's! Seriously when you think of "Starsky and Hutch" you don't think Rodney King brutality, you think 'those guys with the red car were cool!' And everyone knows that "Shaft" was a sex machine and a bad motha--shut yo' mouth!
  • One more of Lynn Herring. Honestly even at 40 she's in good shape.
  • From Graphic Response
  • First up from Graphic Response, here is a fantastic collage tribute to a great 60's starlet, Angelique Pettyjohn. If you don't quite remember her, you may have seen her in super groovy, classic episodes of "Batman", "Get Smart", "Star Trek", or in one of the worst (and therefore one of my favorite) Elvis movies, "Clambake"! Woo-Hoo!
  • Here are some interesting images. Madonna from her early, like-a-"Desperately Seeking Susan"-white trash-slut-virgin days. Honestly, how did this woman ever become a super star? I don't get it. I was young then, I was in the age group that bought her albums (and yes, they were still albums back then), but everyone I knew thought she sucked! Oh the power of Empty-V. Brainwashing the masses for generations to come! Scoop's thoughts. I don't know anybody who has a balanced opinion of Madonna. It seems to me she is much better than her detractors would have you believe (think of her as a painter that uses herself for a canvas, plus she held her own in "Dick Tracy" as an actress and in her duet with Mandy Patinkin's beautiful voice. Plus, after all the whining stopped, she was an excellent Evita Duarte.). On the other hand, she was never as good as you'd expect her to be to sell all those albums and have that monumental ego. She didn't have the talent of a Michael Jackson. But give the girl credit ... she knew how to read the Zeitgeist and capitalize on it. Plus, when she got herself in shape, she looked about as good naked as anybody ever has. As I look back on her career, I conclude that the total package is strong, even though there is no overwhelming individual talent or accomplishment, unless you count "getting yourself talked about" as a talent in itself.
  • Also from "...Susan", Rosanna Arquette.
  • Sylvia Kristel, The Emmanuelle. These come from "Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman"
  • Finally from Graphic Response, action b-movie star, Yancy Butler. Vidcaps from "The Ex".
  • Fun House Variety
  • Deja Vu? Sort of. Here's another look at Yancy Butler, this time from Chromaxx.
  • Finally today, from German T.V., some really weird stuff of Eva Habermann promoting "Lexx: The Dark Zone".