The Capture

s1e1, 1080hd

Meh. Holliday Grainger's butt made a very brief appearance, very far from the camera.

Naked News

Guest anchor Marianne did the Entertainment segment, 8/22

Guest anchor Marianne again did the Entertainment segment, 8/27

"Sweetpea" auditioned on 8/23


Check Other Crap for updates in real time, or close to it.

Eastern Promises

2007, 1920x1080hd

Tereza Srbova

Continuing with the European movies.



Luise Heyer is naked in Fado,

as is Pirjo Lonka although nothing interesting can be seen.

Wall of Secrets


Brainscan's comments: "Anne Bedian in Wall of Secrets is the actress who showed up 8 years later in Curb Your Enthusiasm as Shara, the Palestinian waitress in the Palestinian Chicken episode.  She looks wonderful."

The Wedding Guest

2018, 1080hd

Radhika Apte film clip (collages below)

Helena Kaittani in Domino (2019) in 1080hd

Antonia Zegers in Los perros (2017) in 1080hd

Juliette Binoche and Christa Theret in Doubles vies (2018) in 1080hd



Monica Bellucci in Un ete brulant (2011) in 1080hd

Elizabeth Cervantes in Corazon de perro (2010) in 1080hd

Mara Nicolescu in Filantropica (2002)