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Here's the 1080hd version of Aya Cash in You're The Worst, s3e1

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A Royal Affair

2012, 1920x800

Alicia Vikander


Brainscan's notes:

A clip from broadcast television in 1979 from a game show called Password Plus.  I gather the idea is to pair a celebrity of sorts with a regular person and have them guess things from clues, and Debralee Scott is one of the celebrities.  She has a sizable list of credits to her name on IMDB but we of the Funhouse know her as the uncredited corpse in the original Dirty Harry; it was her only screen exposure.  At least, it was the only exposure she intended, because in this clip from Password, she is braless (it was the 70's, after all) and the buttons on her shirt pop open so that for a frame or two you get to see what a great B-movie queen she could have been.  I could not resist.

(Scoop's note: I still think of her as Rosalie "Hotsy" Totzi from Welcome Back, Kotter.)

Debralee Scott film clip. Collage below.


TV/Film Clips

 Noelle Messier and Amber Dawn Lee in Black Tar Road (2016) in 1080hd
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Many people believe this is an unretouched picture of Emma Watson.
I can neither confirm nor refute that claim.

Caris Tiivel, Miss Universe Australia