The Devil's Advocate


The Blu-Ray box advertises "unrated director's cut," but I watched the entire film and still have no idea how it differs from the R-rated DVD, if at all. Maybe it's been too long since I watched the DVD. Anyway, here are the 720p nude scenes for you to compare.

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(1920x1040 clips)

Bridget Fonda

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith


The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith is a drama set in the late 1800s. It focuses on half-caste Aborigine Jimmy Blacksmith (Tommy Lewis, who was in last week's Australian Classic), who is brought up by the local reverend (Jack Thompson) in his orphanage. Once he becomes old enough, Jimmy sets off into the world, taking jobs where he can find them. The racism against Aborigines is shocking and Jimmy has it hard, but he fights on nonetheless. After meeting a white woman, Gilda Marshall (Angela Punch McGregor), at a new job, he gets her pregnant and is happy to be a father because he might be accepted more by the community. He is for a while, even given land and his own place, but when his brother and uncles join him on the land, Jimmy's boss sees red and bans Jimmy and Gilda from getting supplies. They also offer Gilda a way out by leaving Jimmy. This sets Jimmy off and, after a confrontation with his boss goes wrong, Jimmy goes berserk. With the help of his uncle, he takes revenge on some women, killing four and seriously injuring one other. On the run with his brother, Jimmy decides to take revenge on everyone who wronged him to the point where he seems like a 'devil' to his brother. But the posse are not far behind and are bloodthirsty in their revenge.

Tough, uncompromising drama based on the book by Thomas Keneally that is a hard watch, even today. Jimmy is a likeable lad and the racism against him is very ugly, but his crimes are brutal and are of the worse kind. On the other hand, his pursuers are not exactly a likeable lot and are looking for any excuse to kill a black man. There's no winners here and under the direction of Fred Schepisi, this is an expertly told story that is well worth a look.

Angela Punch McGregor (collage below)

Justine Saunders (sample below)



Roadgames is a thriller from director Richard Franklin (The True Story of Eskimo Nell, Patrick, later Psycho 2, Hotel Sorrento, Brilliant Lies and Visitors) about a truck driver Quid (Stacy Keach) who has to drive a load of meat from Melbourne to Perth. Along the way,
after hearing news on the radio, he gets a feeling that he might have come across a murder. After picking up a woman from the side of the road, he takes a short cut and spots who could be the killer possibly burying something. This starts a cat and mouse chase on the way to Perth that builds momentum when another hitchhiker Quid picks up, who he labels 'Hitch' (Jamie Lee Curtis), is kidnapped by the possible killer. He's also a pretty good match for the killer himself.

Can Quid save Hitch in time? Can he get the load to Perth in time? A pretty good Hitchcockian thriller that has some pretty tense scenes and some pretty good set pieces. And Keach is pretty damn good as a rambling, barely sane driver trying to alleviate the boredom of driving cross country.

Angelica La Bozzetta (sample below)



Film/TV Clips

Patricia McKenzie in Cosmopolis (2012), the latest from Cronenberg. The clip is in Russian, if that matters to you.

Melora Walters in Cold Mountain (2003) in 1080p

Nicole Kidman, also in Cold Mountain


Brazilian model Emanuela de Paula

classic supermodel Stephanie Seymour, repaired with both surgery and airbrushing

Maribel Verdu, Maria de Medeiros and others in Huevos de Oro