Here's another look at Rachelle Lefevre's dark sex scene with Vampire Bill in The Caller, this time in a 720 film clip. A rather poor 720 at that. I think the film has been blown up to that size because the quality is below what we usually see from native 720p HD, and the complete lack of light bulbs makes it seem even worse.

I've included a smaller, lightened version again in the zip file, so you can actually see what's going on in the scene. That's the same secondary file I threw in yesterday's zip file, for the same reason. I made that brightened file myself. It's total cowflop in terms of quality, but at least you can see some identifiable human forms moving about. You do get a nice look at her butt in one odd angle shot.

Ms. Lefevre, a 32-year-old redhead from Montreal, was one of the second-tier stars of the Twilight series when she got into some kind of scheduling conflict, major or minor, depending on who you ask. She and the studio have presented conflicting opinions about the seriousness of her actions in allegedly precipitating and then hiding the conflict until the last minute. I don't know who to believe, but the bottom line is that when the studio found out about the matter they immediately replaced her with Opie's daughter, as seems to have been their contractual privilege. End of story. The lucrative series will proceed without her, and she'll miss some big paychecks.

Here's a sample of brightened frames from The Caller:


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.






Aesthete is covering Antichrist in 1080p resolution. That means the files are enormous, and have appeared here over several days, with today, day 5, completing the project. (We began with the still captures on Wednesday.)

Charlotte Gainsbourg film clips part #4



Velvet Goldmine


It's been more than 9 years since I first capped this film.

Velvet Goldmine is a drama about the rise and fall of a couple of fictional stars of glam rock. In 1984, journalist Arthur Stuart (Christian Bale) is asked to write a 'whatever happened to' story about Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a glam rock star who faked his own on stage murder and disappeared off the face of the Earth afterwards. For Arthur, it's about reliving his own past and love affair with its stars.

In the early 70s, Brian Slade is making his way up with the help of his wife Mandy (Toni Collette) and plays at the same gig as his idol Curt Wild (Ewan McGregor), which begins a strange fascination of him leading to something a lot more when Brian asks for Curt to join him and his band. As Arthur interviews various people with intimate knowledge of the goings on at the time, he relives his own coming out with his first time being with one of the mainstays of that period. Man, this film feels like it was made an eternity ago and the actors involved went onto wider acclaim. The film has aged badly, Christian Bale feels all wrong for the role and the role is rather insignificant anyway. The main characters all obviously based on well known members of the period and that plays on the mind constantly throughout. Even the apparent re-emergence of Brian Slade feels ridiculous. I dunno, maybe this film isn't for me, but I don't know why as I quite like the artists of that period. Something just feels real "off" about this film. Ah well...

I've had the old half-arsed fullscreen DVD release of this film sitting around for a while waiting for me to get around to it, but then I found the HD widescreen version. Then I noticed that Emily Woof's nudity only seems to appear in the fullscreen version, so I have both versions of both scenes below and all look remarkably different. Hmmm...

1080p and old full-screen versions of Woof and Collette

1080p and old full-screen versions of Collette soloing

And some Collette collages:




Starting the tenth season of Baywatch, which was made in 1999 and 2000. For the last two seasons Baywatch moved west to Hawaii. I felt that the quality of the babes improved, and the Hoff was no longer the main character.

Episode 1 - Aloha Baywatch

Brandy Ledford - sexy

Brooke Burns - sexy

Simmone Mackinnon - pokies

Stacy Kamano - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Episode 2 - Mahalo Hawai'i

Brooke Burns - sexy

Simmone Mackinnon - sexy

Stacy Kamano - sexy

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 3 - Weak Link

Brandy Ledford - pokies

Brooke Burns - sexy

Stacy Kamano - pokies

Unknown - lots of bikinis


Episode 4 - Shark Island

Brooke Burns - sexy

Stacy Kamano - sexy

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 5 - Strike Team

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 6 - Sunday in Kaua'i

Brooke Burns - pokies

Simmone Mackinnon - cleavage

Stacy Kamano - pokies

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 7 - Risk to Death

Brandy Ledford - sexy

Brooke Burns - sexy

Simmone Mackinnon - sexy

Stacy Kamano - pokies

Episode 8 - Father of the Groom

Brandy Ledford - sexy

Gretchen Thanem - pokies

Simmone Mackinnon - sexy

Stacy Kamano - pokies

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 9 - The Hunt

Brandy Ledford - sexy

Brooke Burns - sexy

Simmone Mackinnon - sexy

Stacy Kamano - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Episode 10 - Gold from the Deep

Brooke Burns - bikini

Unknown - bikini

Episode 11 - Bent

Simmone Mackinnon - cleavage

Unknown - bikini

Episode 12 - Path of Least Resistance

Brandy Ledford - sexy

Brooke Burns - sexy

Monica Nakagawa - sexy

Unknown - bikini

Episode 13 - Liquid Visions

Brandy Ledford - sexy

Brooke Burns - down to her underwear

Simmone Mackinnon - down to her underwear

Stacy Kamano - down to her underwear

Unknown - bikini

Episode 14 - Lines in the Sand

Krista Allen - pokies

Theresa San Nicolas - nice

Unknown - Miss Hawaiian Fantasy contestants


Episode 15 - The Hero

Brandy Ledford - sexy

Simmone Mackinnon - sexy

Stacy Kamano - sexy

Susie Hatton - sexy

Unknown - topless bathers, facing the wrong way



The Pool Boy

(2010; aka "American Summer")

Sex comedy highly derivative of the 1980s classic "Risky Business" except the hookers  are replaced with dominatrixes with an unbelievable Rachelle Lefevere as a dominatrix wearing a red cocktail dress instead of the standard black leather bondage gear.

This is only available in certain European countries such as Denmark who have very strict copyright laws banning the export of their DVD releases. Violators who are caught are strapped to windmills.

Rachelle Lefevre: revealing bikini and dress. Good thing she shaved her bikini line.

Simona Fusco: Maxim babes shows boob and butt.

Jennifer Walcott: hefmag hefmate topless.

A.J. Alexander: another hefmag hefmate topless.

Janine Habeck & Monica Leigh: two more hefmag hefmates topless

Patricia Deleon: sexy as hooker.

Stephanie Honore: topless.

Heather Marsden: sexy in bikini.

Jordana Woodland: sexy as dominatrix.

Sheena Lee: sexy as dominatrix.

Darla Haun: sexy as the obligatory horny housewife.

Erica Day: sexy as bachelorette.

"Life on a Stick"

(2005; TV series)

Rachelle Lefevre: gets out of her fast food uniform and does a strip tease in her skivvies.



This was released to DVD last month in Germany as "Die: Ein Spiel Auf Leben Und Tod" which translates to "Die: A Play On Life and Death."

Emily Hampshire: topless.

Katie Boland: very nude. The way she's been progressively getting nuder and nuder she should be full frontal by TIFF 2012.



Another recently released DVD from Quebec.

Sophie Cadieux: wet clingy bikini, upskirt, fuzzy topless.

Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy

(2012; teaser)

Sadly not to premiere at TIFF this week so we'll have to wait to find out how much Kristin Kreuk shows in the movie itself.

Kristin Kreuk: bathtub scene.

Angle Mort


I don't know the technical reason for this but compared to the commercial DVD the ripped version contains more screen area on the sides showing more frontal nudity.

Scoop's note: I believe the exact technical term for that is "awesome"!!

Karine Vanasse: almost flashing her pussy.

"North of 60"

episode: "Partner" (1994)

Tina Keeper: bare back.

"13 Witches"

web series:

The scariest of the cast is Sara Akeera, who runs a bondage femdom site.


"Fish'n Chicks"

(2002 short)

Simone Mendes: side boob.

Shelly Sereda: pokies.

Erin Marian: sideboob, threesome with Shelly.



To premiere at TIFF this week. A brief description from the Toronto Star: "Guy Maddin's madcap Keyhole is a veritable rumpus of erotic activity, as a house full of ghosts rub shoulders and body parts. A woman runs starkers though the house led by dogs on leash, and a phallus extending from a keyhole gets oral attention."

The only clue on who's nude is Suzanne Pringle, who plays the body double of another Canadian actress.

Suzanne Pringle: sexy publicity shot.

BONUS: Suzanne Pringle making good squishy with Maggie Castle's tits in an episode of "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil".

News o' the week

PETA has announced they will be launching their own porn site. Not sure if Kate Steen will show her cantaloupes and lambchops.

Kate Steen: almost exposing a full boob.



Film Clips

(followed by samples when available)

Laurence Arne in Moi Michel G milliardaire maitre du monde (2011)

Maria Ozawa in Erotibot (2011)

Azami, also in Erotibot

Laetitia Casta in Derriere les murs (2011) again, but in 1080 this time

Lene Maria Christensen in En Familie (2010)

Ana Paula Arosio and Arieta Correia in Como Esquecer (2010)

Laura Drasbaek in Morke (2005)

Francesca Inaudi in Dopo mezzanotte (2004) in 1080

Deborah Richter in Cyborg (1989) in 720p

Barbara Crampton in Kidnapped (1987)

Kim Evenson in Kidnapped (1987)

Victoria Medlin in Vanishing Point (1971)

Gilda Texter in Vanishing Point (1971)



Spectacular HD caps of Olivia Wilde in Alpha Dog (2006)

Lilli Carati in Night Full of Rain (1978)