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Since I started this series of movies from the 1990s I've managed to cap a few more, so it's still the 90s. The first movie was from 1989 but it is part of a 90s series, as you can see:

Vice Academy

The Vice Academy series of movies was never intended to be taken seriously, which even the director tells you in the commentary. There were not going to be any awards for acting or for the technical aspects of the movies. However, there were some good looking women. There was plenty of nudity by the actresses, all boobs and bums but no bush.

The first in the series was Vice Academy (1989). The boobs come from Karen Russell

and Linnea Quigley.

The thongs, upskirts and cleavage comes from Christian Barr,

Ginger Lynn Allen,

Jeannie Carol

and Tami Bakke.

Vice Academy Part 2

In Vice Academy Part 2 (1990) the boobs come from Ginger Lynn Allen,


Linnea Quigley


and Toni Alessandrini.

The rest of the sex appeal comes from Dee Hengster,

Jayne Hamill,

Jo Brewer,

Marina Benvenga,

Teagan Clive

and somebody not identified.

Vice Academy Part 3

The boobs in Vice Academy Part 3 (1991) come from Elizabeth Kaitan,

Julia Parton

and Toni Alessandrini.

The eye candy is Darcy De Moss,

Ginger Lynn Allen,

and some not identified.

Vice Academy 4

Elizabeth Kaitan

and Julia Parton provide the boobs in Vice Academy 4 (1994).

The others are looking good: Robin Sheridan,

Rocki Garner,

Veronica Carothers

and some not identified.

Vice Academy 5

In Vice Academy 5 (1996), Elizabeth Kaitan,

J J North

and Raelyn Saalman provide the breasts.


The others are Deborah Carson,

Honey Lauren,

Meg and Mandy Harvey,

Tane McClure

and one unknown.

Vice Academy Part 6

Vice Academy Part 6 (1998) shows the breasts of Angela Castelli


and Elizabeth Kaitan.

The eye candy comes from Charlene Blaine,

Debra Dare,

Honey Lauren,

Joanne Rubino,

Melissa Gray,

Nikki Chan,

Raelyn Saalman,

Tami Bakke,

Tava Redd

 and some not identified.

Body of Evidence

Plenty of nudity in Body of Evidence (1993) particularly by the main actress Madonna, who shows the lot.

Anne Archer also shows the lot but I am pretty sure it is a body double.

Julianne Moore is also naked and shows boobs and bum.


I have included movies of the naked scenes:


Julianne Moore

Anne Archer and/or Body Double

Scoop's note: you should not have any problem playing these, but if you do encounter difficulties because of your player or system, simply change the extension from .divx to .avi


No nudity in Fear (1996). Reese Witherspoon is down to her underwear


and Amy Brenneman looks good in a swimsuit.

The Fixer

Brenda Bakke is topless in The Fixer (1998) but is lying down. The best we have is pokies.

The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Limited nudity in The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1994).

Tonie Perenski flashes some breasts but it is probably a body double.

There is an upskirt by Lisa Newmyer

and Rene Zellweger shows a bit of leg.

Zero Effect

No nudity in Zero Effect (1998) but some lovely pokies by Angela Featherstone

and Kim Dickens.



Today's HD clip from Emmanuelle: Kristel and Colletin