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Susan Dey film clips

Scoop's review:

Tom Hulce is the guy who played Mozart in Amadeus, a film loved by critics, film buffs, and the academy. It was also a box office success, and is now considered one of the best of all time at IMDb. Hulce himself was nominated as Best Actor, and might have won if he had not been overshadowed by an even better supporting portrayal in the same film by F. Murray Abraham as Salieri. 

Hulce wasn't able to do anything with his temporary success. His triumph didn't have the expected results, scripts didn't fall into his lap, and his next theatrical film was this mediocrity about a neighborhood of LA where everyone is trying to be a star. 

Neither a dashing leading man nor an offbeat character actor, Hulce was one of the perfect "everyman" actors, but these roles are not so common in Hollywood, where simple, real films are rarely seen. When those roles did come around, they went to younger guys like Cusack and Broderick, so the multi-talented Hulce never again attained the commercial or artistic successes of his earlier career. 

This particular film seems to be a sitcom pilot, and is kind of cute, about equal in quality to a good episode of "Friends".

  • Hulce is a pizza boy trying to write songs. (By the way, he sings a few bars here and there, and is terrific. He sounds like a white version of Peabo Bryson! As you may know, he was Disney's singing Quasimodo, and will reprise his role in Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, which is scheduled to come out in a few months.)
  • Susan Dey is a bartender trying to be an actress. She gets part of the way there by doing stripping telegrams.
  • Their best friend works as a personal trainer, but just knows he will be the next Schwarzenegger.

That's about all there is to it except corny speeches about not abandoning your dreams.

Hulce seemed like he was in a different movie from the rest of the cast. He was actually trying to create a meaningful characterization, reaching for the soul of his role, like the dedicated stage actor that he is, but the rest of the cast apparently really did think they were in a sitcom, playing everything for broad yucks accompanied by "Gilligan pulled another boner" music, and so the movie has that sitcom feel.


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Pretty Woman


Today we have a 'Hankster Light" day.

Julia Roberts looking very sexy in the classic "Pretty Woman", no nudity but very hot nonetheless. Caps and a HD clip.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Aliysn Camerota with a leg & thigh show on "Fox & Friends". Caps and a HD clip.



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Blake Lively nipple-slip

Denise Milani

Two old-time wrestling babes: #1 Missy Hyatt

She is not a shy woman.

Two old-time wrestling babes: #2 "Sunny" (Some of these are low quality, but ... well, why not look at 'em anyway?)

Here's an upgrade on that Kate Bosworth see-through

Rosie Huntington Whitely - two days in a row now!

We have seen some of these Rebecca Gayheart pics before, some not

More pics of Courteney Cox in a preview of her new show. She looks spectacular.


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