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Harry and Tonto


Harry and Tonto stars Art Carney as a widower, 72, retired from teaching English, and living by himself with his cat Tonto in Manhattan. He walks Tonto on a leash, visits his friends, and, other than getting mugged from time to time, lives a happy life until the city condemns his apartment. Harry is forcibly evicted, and goes to live with his son on Long Island. His presence there obviously puts a strain on the family, which has enough troubles of its own with a son who has opted for a speechless life of macrobiotics and psychedelics.

When Harry's best friend dies, he decides it is time to move on, so arranges to visit his daughter in Chicago. He is to fly, but won't let airport security take his cat carrier from him, and decides on a bus. He forces the bus driver to stop in the middle of nowhere so the cat can pee. When Tonto runs off, Harry refuses to leave, and the bus leaves without him. Then Harry buys a car, even though his license had expired decades earlier. On the way to his destination, he picks up two hitchhikers -- a young man, and Melanie Mayron. The young man eventually catches a different ride, but Melanie stays with Harry. She is a 16-year-old runaway heading for a commune in Colorado.

Thus begins one of the best road movies ever filmed. When Harry confirms that he and his daughter can't get along, it is off to California and his other son, but with a whole country of adventures on the way. A few highlights of the many picaresque adventures include a visit to an old girlfriend, an encounter with a high-priced hooker, and a hilarious scene with Chief Dan George in a Las Vegas jail.

It helps in the enjoyment of the film to have lived the early 70's, as all of the cultural references make sense, but everyone should enjoy this film, which was co-written and directed by Paul Mazursky, who is responsible for many of my personal favorite films, including Moscow on the Hudson, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, and Bob and Carol & Ted & Alice. Mazursky always had a knack for portraying the common man, but it was actually Art Carney, in a letter-perfect performance, that earned this film universal praise from critics, and a 7.3 score at IMDb. Carney won the best actor Oscar against one of the most distinguished line-ups in the history of the academy, including Jack Nicholson in Chinatown, Al Pacino in The Godfather: Part II, and Dustin Hoffman in Lenny!

Melanie Mayron shows breasts, much to Harry's embarrassment.








The Night Nurse

(L'Infermiera di notte)


We return to this film for two more spicy Italian ladies. In the seventies and early eighties, these two helped to form the backbone of the flourishing Italian B-movie industry.

Paola Senatore made more than three dozen films between 1970 and 1986. Here she shows off the boobies. (The last time we capped her she was eaten by cannibals in Eaten Alive.)

Gloria Guida was only at it for less than a decade (1974-1982), but appeared in 27 films in that short time. (How sweet it is to retire at 27, or how bitter to be cast aside then, as the case may be.) Guida shows off her "Tiny Tots." 

This appears to be the only time Guida and Senatore appeared together in a film. The queen of that industry was, of course, Edwige Fenech, who had 71 film credits between 1967 and 1988, but never appeared with either of these women!






Notes and collages

Animal Instincts II


Shannon Whirry. Part 5 of 6








Poison Ivy 3


Aesthete has already covered Jaime Pressly in this film. Here are the film clips of Athena Massey. The collages follow below.








Scorpion continues his series of clips and caps from Sin City Diaries. Here are two clips of Amy Lindsay in the episode called Good Enough to Eat. (samples below)








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today we'll do a bit of catching up in our effort to incorporate all the "Defoe" videos into our archives:







A new look at Ricci in a bikini. She seems to have lost a lot of her chest since Prozac Nation. Wow - I just looked that movie up and it was made in 2001! I guess it's not at all surprising to have some bodily changes in seven years, especially when her life has included had periods of weight loss, battles with anorexia, and other periods of heavy work-outs. Seven years is a long time ago considering that she's only 28 years old.

(I read last week that she now volunteers as a counselor for eating disorders.)

and some scans of Mischa Barton trying to heat up her cooling career with a naughty photoshoot


Film clips

Sherilyn Fenn in Boxing Helena

Krista Grotte in Death on Demand. Dann pointed out that this was an awful movie, but I could not imagine the full depth of its suckitude until I actually watched these clips. It's like community access TV, except with nude scenes.