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"I Love Dick"

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Dahlya Glick

The films of 2011, continued

Your Highness

Your Highness shows the rear of a lovely Natalie Portman

 but the topless nudity comes from a lot of unidentified women.

In addition, Elle Liberachi

and Zooey Deschanel both look good.


More from the Blu-Ray extras:

Zooey Deschanel


Die Blumen von Gestern


Adele Haenel

Sarah Jelassi in Courber L'echine (2017) in 720p

Sandra Drzymalska in Amok (2017) in 1080p

Lisa Carlehed in Vi (2015) in 1080hd

Anna Sophia Berglund in Space Station 76 (2014) in 1080hd

Emma Williams in First Night (2010) in 1080hd

Greta Gerwig in Greenberg (2010) in 720p

Bridget Fonda and Jessica Tandy in Camilla (1995)



Camilla is the story of the friendship between an eccentric elderly violinist and a young woman who aspires to write music. The elderly woman (Jessica Tandy) looks back upon her yellowed clippings and draws upon her ancient memories as part of the process of imparting her wisdom to the young 'un, so it plays out sort of like Titanic Light. The acting is terrific, although the movie itself is kind of an artificial three-hanky chick-flick, and plays out like a TV movie of the week. As an example of the contrived melodrama, Ms. Tandy finds the long-lost love of her life before the end of the film, and does so almost by accident. And at her age, long-lost is very long indeed.

The most unusual and probably the most memorable element of the film is that Jessica Tandy did a nude scene in "Camilla", the only nude scene of her career. She was 84 or 85 when she did the scene, and she had died by the time the film was released.

"Hey, that isn't beautiful or sexy, Scoop"

No, of course it isn't sexy, but beautiful ... well, "beautiful" is more complicated.

Ms Tandy was one of the great stage actresses of the 20th century, and owned a film resume that spanned 63 years and included a Best Actress Oscar. She was a great and gutsy woman who continued to perform as long as she could stand, and continued to do so very well. Brilliantly, in fact.

She and her husband of 52 years, Hume Cronyn, appeared together in this film, knowing it would be the last of the thousands of times they shared the spotlight on the stage or screen, because she actually knew she was dying when she made this movie. During the film, Tandy and Cronyn spoke this line from Sea Fever to each other:

"And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over".

If that isn't beautiful, then what is?

Nostalgia: Season one of NYPD Blue, which aired in 1993 ...

...  during the brief period when network TV was for grown-ups - well, except for nipples. Apparently those were off limits even to Dennis Franz. Something weird: I love me some pop culture, but I never watched a single episode of this or Hill Street Blues. I caught a few minutes of both shows here and there, but never sat down and watched one from start to finish. No special reason. They looked pretty good, but never special enough to hook me in.
Sorry to say the quality is poor, but I don't think better clips exist at the moment.

If you only have time for one, I'd recommend Julianne Christie's scene, which is funny, sexy, and touching.

Amy Brenneman in episode one

Amy Brenneman in episode two

Sherry Stringfield in episode four

Ginger Lynn in episode six

Julianne Christie in episode seven

Amy Brenneman in episode nine

Gail O'Grady in episode thirteen

Sharon Lawrence in episode sixteen

Stephanie Seymour this July - still naked after all these years

Marion Cotillard at the beach