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Inherent Vice


Johnny's comments:

Inherent Vice is about 'Doc' (Joaquin Phoenix), a self-styled private investigator in 1970 who gets a visit from his ex ol' lady Shasta Fay Hepworth (Katherine Waterston) who wants him to find stop her current beau, real estate developer Mickey Wolfmann (Eric Roberts), from being 'kidnapped' by his wife and her lover and taken to a sanitarium. The next day, Doc gets a visit from former crim Kahlil Tariq (Michael K. Williams) who asks him to find an old cellmate who is a bodyguard for Mickey and leads him to a 'massage parlour' in the middle of nowhere where he investigates, only to be knocked out. He wakes up and finds the body of the bodyguard next to him and numerous cops surrounding him. He is arrested and interrogated by a notorious cop 'Bigfoot' (Josh Brolin), who tells him that Mickey and Shasta Fay are missing and that he may be involved, but with no real evidence on anything to go further and the help from his lawyer friend Sauncho Smilax (Benicio Del Toro), Doc is released. He is then hired by Hope (Jena Malone) to find her saxophonist husband (Owen Wilson) who she thinks is dead, but not really. Doc now has to find three people and it will involve dealing with a drug syndicate run by dentists called the Golden Fang or a boat that mysteriously arrived from the Bermuda Triangle and other weird and wild characters. Bizarre crime comedy based on the book by Thomas Pynchon that I liked quite a lot. It doesn't really make much sense, nor is it supposed too, but somehow, Doc manages to solve everything, I guess. It is a slow, fun ride through Los Angeles in the 70s and if you have the patience and don't mind that it isn't a straight ride to the destination, you'll probably like the movie too. But, Inherent Vice is not for everyone, that's for sure...

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