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Casual Sex?


Lea Thompson film clips

 Victoria Jackson film clips

Both women together

Scoop's review:

It's one of those slice-of-life comedies where people talk endlessly about their problems with relationships. This particular one is narrated from the feminine point of view, written and directed by women, with Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson talking directly to the camera.

IMDb viewers rate it very low, but I don't really agree that it should be below 5.0. The IMDb voters are not kind to middlebrow comedies. There are some much worse movies that are rated a point or a point and a half higher. CS? has some funny moments, and it has some fairly incisive thoughts about man-woman relationships, packaged in light comedy.

The famous "how to pretend you are a nice and caring person" schtick in Magnolia was derived straight out of Andrew Dice Clay's role in this movie. Diceman was studying a book with a title something like "How to fake being sensitive".

People underestimate how hard it is to act in comedy. Most actors aren't any good at it, and most comedians aren't any good at it. It is a special skill that requires one to be funny, but to stay in character and make the audience sympathize with you or hate you or whatever is necessary. So while it is possible that Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson won't be stealing any roles from Judy Dench, I think they are very good at this kind of character-based comedy. I watched them act in character, and I liked them. So the movie isn't that hard to watch.

Raw frame grabs below

Victoria Jackson

Lea Thompson









Lethal Weapon 2


Today the Time Machine goes back 20 years for "Lethal Weapon 2" as Patsy Kensit shows off her boobs in the sack. HD Caps and a clip.




TV Land

Over in TV Land some leg & thigh from Amy Robach and Bethany Frankel of "The Real Housewives of New York City" on the "Today" show. Caps and a HD clip.

Robach caps


Frankel caps


Robach and Frankel






This week's vids from Defoe, part 2 of 2.

Cecile Breccia in Cyprien

Elisa Tovati in Cyprien

Fanny Krich in A ses Pieds






Adriana Lima (See-through panties? Maybe so. Maybe an illusion.)

Bar Rafaeli. No question about this one. See through blouse/bra.

Ryan Bathe in Leaving Barstow

Oldie but Goodie. Demi Moore's famous pre-fame magazine spread in January of 1981. This was three years before Blame It on Rio.


Charlotte Rampling and Raquel Zimmerman wandering around the Louvre naked

Rampling alone. She looks astounding, given the fact that she's old enough to be a great-grandmother.

Zimmerman alone

A repeat, but a good one: Kate Hudson shows off her best feature.

Jessica Mas in Rudo y Cursi

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (best known as VicSecret model)


Film Clips

Chonte Harris in A Good Day to be Black and Sexy (sample below)

Robin Tunney in Supernova in HD. The HD shows off the film's extraordinary cinematography, which managed to survive the film's having been tossed from director to director. (Walter Hill started it off and Francis Ford Coppola worked on it later. A third director was involved as well.) 

Jodie Whittaker in Venus