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 A joint US/British space mission has been sent to explore Haley's comet. They discover an alien space craft hidden in the head of the comet. When they board the space craft, they find three plastic coffins, one with a beautiful naked female and the other two with naked men. So, naturally, they take them on board their spaceship, and start back to earth. The spaceship arrives on earth with the entire crew dead or missing. The three space mummies are put in medical isolation, and that's when they come to life, escape, and decide to eat all the "lifeforce" in London. I know hospital food is bad, but that is rather an extreme reaction in my opinion. The mechanism of lifeforce transfer generally involves an infected person kissing a non-infected person, establishing an electrical connection from the victims fillings to theirs, and then channeling their lifeforce through the female vampire's body up to the spaceship, which collects the lifeforce to replenish the space vampire food supply.

Yes, this film is every bit as bad as it sounds. The plot is chuck full of contradictions. For instance, the female vampire tells the hero at one point that she created her body from his mental image of the perfect woman, so she would appeal to him. Later, we learn that he is one of the space vampires, and always has been.

As near as I can tell, Lifeforce was a big budget attempt to make a space vampire horror masterpiece. The makers had exactly one good idea. The head space vampire would be Mathilda May, and she would be naked 100% of the time she was on camera. Apart from that, they managed to create a B-movie stinker from a large budget and a good cast.

Mathilda May








The Night Nurse


I love hot Italian women, so here's Anna Maria Clementi in "LInfermiera di notte." Lots of nice tittie action from Anna Maria.






Notes and collages

Animal Instincts II


Shannon Whirry. Part 4 of ?








In the Cold of the Night


Film clips of Adrienne Sachs

Film clips of Shannon Tweed














Scorpion continues his series of clips and caps from Sin City Diaries. Here are two clips of Amber Smith, from the episode Angelica Needs a Vacation (samples below)








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today: two major stars who have been long established and are still getting naked after decades of nudity.

Today's first star is Juliette Binoche. You all know who she is, I suppose. The film is Breaking and Entering, which was made in 2006.  She did her first nudity in 1985 at age 21.



Emmanuelle Beart has also been known internationally for decades, since her naked dance in Manon of the Spring in 1986. She probably set the all-time record for most nudity in one film when she did La Belle Noiseuse in 1991. It's a 4-hour movie, and she is completely naked for about two of those hours, which is longer than most films are in total! Even with that nudity, you will be challenged to stay awake for the duration of that movie.

Here's some Beart trivia, per IMDb: "In 2003, Béart, aged 40, appeared nude on the front cover of French magazine Elle and as of 2007, it is still the magazine's biggest-selling issue ever."

In other words, the woman has been known to remove her clothes, starting in 1983. For that matter, she still does nude scenes and still looks great. Beart is seen today in Les Temoins (aka the Witnesses, 2007), at age 44, still looking about the same as she did back in her Manon days except for a newly inflated chest.

Trivia: when I started to do this page, Beart was younger than Binoche. She is now older. Over the years, Beart's birthdate has been set back two years at IMDb, from 1965 to 1963, while Binoche has stayed firmly anchored in 1964.







A couple of babes from Hatchetman:

Mia Zottoli

and Fonta Sawyer

Molly Shea in an episode of Sunset Tan


Film clips

Barbara Alyn Woods kinda sorta topless in One Tree Hill, s6, e1

Three matches from the notorious Naked Women's Wrestling League. When this started, it was known as Carmen Electra's NWWL, but the former Mrs. Rodman eventually ended up at odds with the management of this promotion and, as I recall, was even in court with them over royalties or something. Carmen has left the group, but they continue to tour North America. Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart has been featured in their storylines, and you'll see him in some of the action below.

By the way, it's not a rip-off as far as the nudity goes. They wrestle stark naked except for footwear.

Kelly Monaco in a Digital Strip Poker game (samples right)
Jana Pallaske in Maerzmelodie (2008, sample right)