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Playback (1996) is a Skinemax title.

Charles Grant is a senior executive trying to put together a major telecommunications merger. That is putting a strain on his marriage to interior designer Tawny Kitaen. Meanwhile, ambitious Shannon Whirry is trying to steal the merger and seduce Grant as well. Whirry hires PI Harry Dean Stanton to get some dirt on Grant and his wife, and succeeds. The two attended a sex fantasy club, and made a tape of themselves, which Whirry gets her hands on. The PI also photographs Grant's horny boss pawing Tawny, and Whirry shows Grant the photos. Things look black for the home team, but truth will out.

Given its made-for-adult-cable origin, Playback has an interesting cast, including George Hamilton and Harry Dean Stanton, who is predictably excellent in his small role. Tawny looks great, even after her seven year absence from films; and Shannon is appropriately evil. Unfortunately, the film has neither enough story nor enough flesh to merit a look. Only Shannon Whirry or Tawny Kitaen completists will want this, and even they will be rewarded with minimal nudity. Tawny shows breasts, one at a time, and buns in a t-back. Shannon shows buns (no upper body in the frame) and some cleavage. (An unknown stripper shows breasts.)

To make matters worse, this is only available in a German Language Region 2 PAL!! Unless you have to own every obscure nude scene from Tawny or Shannon, this is one to skip.

Grade: D. (Not recommended.)

IMDb readers say 2.8, with 2.2 from the top voters.


Playback (1996)

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Tawny Kitaen



Shannon Whirry




Some other chick











It's kind of a "Babes in Bondage" day. Eileen Daly gets her boobs felt up by Linnea Quigley before Linnea ties her up for a little rough lesbo sex.



Linnea shows the boobs as she gets roughed up by a guy.


Louise Ross is a topless "Babe in Bondage"


and then Linnea Quigley joins in the fun to torment her.






Notes and collages

Big Trouble in Little China

Kim Cattrall

It seems as if Ms. Cattrall has been topless most of her acting career so these pokie collages from "BTILC" are just trivia.

My reason for creating these collages is to encourage anyone who has not seen this film to get your hands on this comedy/adventure from John Carpenter.

Kurt Russell is perfect as his character "Jack Burton," a machismo truck driver who means well despite his awkwardness as he does battle with supernatural forces in order to get his stolen truck back

(....and save the girl along the way.)

If any film deserved a sequel without getting one: this is THAT film.

See it; love it.







Latin Lover

More from the erotic soap opera from Latin America.



Liliana Jenichen



Janet Murazzi



Cecilia Brozovich



Andrea Montenegro










This is more or less the typical American youth comedy, Spanish style. A journalist from Madrid goes to a rock festival to interview Slam, a rock star who has not been interviewed in some years. In the process, he also tries to pick up chicks.

Estibaliz Gabilondo



Juana Acosta


Kira Miro


Lidia Navarro



Saskia Guanche



Yoima Valdes









One more film clip of Rachael Bella in Jimmy and Judy. (Samples to the right.)
A very brief film clip of Kelly Forester in Cocaine Angel. Samples to the right
A larger version of the most famous of the scandalous early nudes from Demi Moore
Tinsel Korey in The Lookout
More pics of a physically fit Hilary Swank in a bikini



Hugo, one of the first collage artists ever to hit the internet, is still going strong!

Jennifer Connelly in Little Children
Kate Winslet in Little Children
Sarah Buxton in Little Children
Amber Heard in Alpha Dog
Olivia Wilde in Alpha Dog
Heather Wahlquist in Alpha Dog
Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan
Amanda Righetti in Angel Blade
Cindy Crawford in The Simian Line
Nicole Kidman in Birth






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

After a tape of his embarrassing arrest at a Minneapolis airport men's
room was released, Sen. Larry Craig announced his resignation Saturday.  The outspoken opponent of gay rights and sexual peccadilloes by other politicians said he will leave the Senate effective September 30.

*  He just wants 30 more days in that marvelous Senate bathroom.

*  While he was in Minneapolis, he was just trying to take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile. 

The first wife of infamous terrorist Carlos the Jackal has written a book, "The Terror Years," about their years together, during which he nicknamed her, "The Cow"

* Of course, all first wives will tell you that their husbands were terrorists and jackals.