Today's Images.
Klinton's Komedy Korner
  • Ken Starr investigates Bill Clinton's childhood.
  • Lewinsky auditions for one of those milk ads ... sort of.
  • Nothing to do with the Prez, but think of this the next time somebody says "look at the puppies on that one"
  • Alessia Marcuzzi
  • First out of the gate today, here's super sexy actress/model Alessia. Most of us in the good ol' U S of A probably have no idea who she is, but this Italian beauty is worth checking out!
  • A very sexy, pouty, naked B&W posed pic of Alessia.
  • Alessia on the beach. By far my favorite of the bunch.
  • Fun House Variety
  • For all of the Halle Berry fans, or for anyone who heard about her stint on Leno last week, here's another 'cap from Leno by RJL. I agree with Scoop Sr., dresses like that should ne mandatory for most celebs on talk shows!
  • Not my style, but interesting. Here's "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" star, Melissa Joan Hart. She's growing up well.
  • Fresh from HBO, here is Julia Campbell from "Poodle Springs". Great 'caps by ZonononZor, but nobody knows if it's really her or a body double. Any ideas gang?