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Aya Cash in the season three premiere of You're The Worst

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"The Americans"

s4e9, 1920x1080

Keri Russell

A couple of new movies featuring Ellen Page, both with nude scenes from her and both released on the same day.


Ellen Page film clip (sample below)

Tallulah is a drama where a drifter, Tallulah (Ellen Page), is left in the middle of nowhere by her boyfriend Nico (Evan Jonigkeit). Tallulah goes looking for Nico and ends up at his mother Margo's (Allison Janney) house, but she hasn't seen him in two years. While scrounging for some food in a hotel, Tallulah is accosted by Carolyn (Tammy Blanchard), a blowsy woman who is looking for her next man and can't do so without having someone looking after her one year old daughter, which she forcefully gets Tallulah to do. Unimpressed with having to look after the kid of an unsound mother, she takes the kid to her car where they spend the night, but when she returns, Carolyn has called the police about her missing baby and Tallulah panics and runs away with the baby. She goes to Margo to milk her for money, claiming that the baby is her grandchild, but Margo reluctantly takes in Tallulah and child. Over the next few days they bond, but with the police closing in and the kidnapping being citywide news, this isn't going to last long.

OK movie featuring three rather flawed female characters and all three are played fairly well, particularly Tammy Blanchard as the out-of-her-depth mother. But, the whole kidnapping part of the story is a bit dicey, particularly as Tallulah gets away with it for quite a few days even though it is the lead news story. Even the arrival of her boyfriend later in the movie makes it even less plausible. Not to say that Tallulah could've walked back into the hotel when she first sees the police and easily convinced everyone of a misunderstanding, but then we wouldn't have a movie ...

Not a bad movie, but it has its issues.

Into the Forest

Ellen Page film clips (samples below)

Evan Rachel Wood film clips (collage below)

Into The Forest is a drama set after the electricity has been cut and society starts to break down. Sisters Nell and Eva (Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood) live with their father (Callum Keith Rennie) in the house bordering the forest when society goes to shit. Then their father dies from a chainsaw accident and the sisters are left to fend for themselves while coping with the loss of their father. After a while, Nell's boyfriend Eli (Max Minghella) joins them and it causes further tension between the sisters which leads to Nell leaving with Eli for Detroit as he's heard that everything is back up there. But, Nell decides to stay with Eva. Later, Eva is raped by the man who gave them fuel for their generator, which he steals, but worse than that, she finds out she's pregnant because of it. Nell and Eva band together and try to move on with life while planning for the birth of the child as the house that was being renovated before the shutdown continues to collapse around them.

Page and Wood drive the film and the movie works better when it's just the two of them. OK movie but I'm pretty tired of the post-apocalyptic genre in general, all invariably the same with little to nothing to add to a crowded genre. I'm not convinced that society would crumble as easily as this after only an electricity shut down, but who knows until it actually happens.

TV/Film Clips

Joanne Mitchell in Bait (2014) in 720p

Ariane Labed in Attenberg (2010) in 1080hd

Ghita Norby in Elsk Din Naeste (an obscure Danish film from 1967)

Vivi Bach, Ann Schaufuss and an Unknown, also in Elsk Din Naeste (1967)


An HQ version of Kim K's NYC see-thru

an earlier B&W nude of Kim, now colorized

Leven Rambin

HQ Milla Jovovich

Taylor Swift (no nudity, of course)