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Maid in Sweden


Maid in Sweden is a "coming of age" titty film starring Christina Lindberg. In fact, it was the first film she ever made, although it was the third one released. Lindberg had recently appeared in the bunny mag, and was still in school. She took a couple weeks off from classes to film Maid in Sweden, a fact that her school was not happy with. Although it was made in Sweden, it was produced by an American company and was never actually shown in Sweden!  

Christina plays a 17-year-old country girl who visits her big sister in Stockholm. Unknown to their parents is the fact that big sis is living with a guy, and the couple fixes Christina up with one of their male friends. The designated deflowerer, who is much older and more experienced than she, rather forcibly makes short work of her virginity. She finally decides she rather likes the ol' in-out enough. to seduce her sister's boyfriend.

Half the film consists of a walking tour of Stockholm, and the other half is simulated sex. The DVD includes a brief but uninformative interview with Christina. This film is nothing special, but Christina Lindberg is.









Save Me


Lysette Anthony returns for a second consecutive day, this time in Save Me, an erotic thriller from the nineties in which Lysette offered some T & A.






Notes and collages

Animal Instincts II


Shannon Whirry. Part 3 of ?


















These are #4 and #4 of five long clips from a hot episode of "Thrills" called "Dr Janet." It is episode 13 from season one, and first aired in (I think) 2001.

Monique Parent in Dr. Janet. Parts 4 and 5


Scorpion now starts a series of clips and caps from Sin City Diaries. Here are two clips of Elena Talan, from two different episodes, Angelica Needs a Vacation (sample below left) and Tour of Duty (sample below right)








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Francoise Dorleac in Cul de Sac. She was Catherine Deneuve's older sister, and I had such a crush on her when I was in high school or college, starting when I saw her one night on "Super Spy Theater." (The success of Goldfinger had spurred so many Bond wanabees that one local TV channel ran one as the final broadcast offering every Saturday night. (The Chiller was on Friday night. Or was it the other way around?)

Dorleac was in at least two Super Spy Theater flicks. One was called That Man from Rio, a spoof starring Belmondo. The other was called Where the Spies Are, a more serious but not completely serious riff on the Bondmania of the time, starring David Niven as an ostensibly wimpy medico pressed into super spy service.

Dorleac also co-starred with her sister and Gene Kelly in the famous French musical, "The Young Girls of Rochefort," but died in a car crash in the south of France soon after making that film. She was 25.

By the way, Cul-de-Sac was directed by Roman Polanski and written by Gerard Brach, who has an impressive filmography of his own, especially the 1986 section







Cate Blanchett, pre-international stardom in an episode of an Aussie mini-series called Bordertown

Patricia Lopez in The Sacred Family. I think this is her only screen nudity.


Film clips

Anna Levine, aka Anna Thomson, aka Anna Thompson in Outside the Law. Also seen in some of these clips: Stephanie Swinney.

Here is a hi-def film clip of the Spanish Olympic diver who was exposed momentarily. (Benitez is her name.)

Sophie Hilbrand in Zomerhitte. This 2008 Dutch film was directed by actress Monique van de Ven, once the sexy star of Verhoeven's Turkish Delight. It represents her first directing credit since 1996.

Stephanie Zimbalist in an episode of Remington Steele, which made her famous and made her co-star even more famous. That would be Pierce Brosnan. (Samples right)
Julianne Moore in The End of the Affair, a well-meaning, gorgeously rendered, but tedious 1999 adaptation of a Graham Greene book which had already been brought to the screen as early as 1955 with Van Johnson and Deborah Kerr in the leads. Sample right.
Keeley Hazell, seen topless on some German entertainment show. Sample right.