Today's Images.
  • Beercaps gets the lead-off spot today. I don't know what Sable is wearing, exactly, but it sure looks like she forgot some undergarments. Check it out.
  • Every time I think we've found every scene of Rosanna Arquette nudity, another pops up. I think I'm going to have to rename the Sonia Braga trophy. Here is Rosanna in "Floating Away" from the Anonymous Guy
  • Another angle on the Claudia Schiffer paparazzi pics
  • The good news: a naked celebrity named Burr. The better news: not Raymond. Elizabeth Burr in "Inside Out", from The Anonymous Guy
  • Bridgette Wilson in "The Real Blonde", from Beercaps. Title seems to be accurate
  • Kate McNeil in "The Escape Clause". From Anon.
  • Annie Rubanoff in "Inside Out", from Anon.
  • Leeann Tweeden in "EdenQuest"
  • Sigourney Weaver in the famous Ripley t-shirt
  • From CHUD: Olivia D'Abo and Lora Zane get nekkid and real friendly together in "Live Nude Girls".
  • Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg). Covered, but magnificent in a light S&M look.
  • Also dressed, but cleavage: Leeza.
  • Also dressed: Helen Hunt. She looks gorgrous in a loose dress,and you wouldn't have any trouble changing her channels, if you catch my unsubtle drift.
  • Also dressed: Elizabeth Shue never showed the essentials, but she showed enough to turn you on in "Palmetto"
  • Graphics Response
  • Is this guy prolific or what? So much material, and none of it slapdash. Everything he sends in shows attention to detail. This one is the best look yet at Yancy Butler's bottom in "The Ex"
  • The Mean Season: Mariel Hemingway
  • Heartbreakers: Carol Laure
  • Heartbreakers: the late Carol Wayne. Yes, she's showing some of the mammoth mamms, and she's the very same one who used to work with Art Fern.
  • Heartbreakers: Kathryn Harrold. Just bra and panties, but I apply the same rules to Harrold as to Shue and Hunt. The three of them are sexier dressed than Pam Friggin Anderson is stark naked and pulling open her love cave. (Not that I mind Pam doing that, you understand)
  • Heartbreakers: Jamie Rose
  • RDO
  • Speaking of prolific, I think we all know how much RDO churns out. Joanna Cassidy did some nudity in Night Games. It was distinguished in two ways. First, she's just not in shape and quite large. Second, she's just naked as a jaybird and is seen from many angles. I don't object. I think she's sexy with some extra flesh on her, but I'm surprised she was so willing to do these scenes. Here she is full-frontal, and even a tiny bit of open action.
  • Joanna Cassidy in "Night Games". Here she finishes her skinny dip and climbs out of the pool.
  • Joanna Cassidy in "Night Games". The familiar close-ups of her big ol' butt.
  • Joanna Cassidy in "Night Games". Generic nude sunbathing and position-shifting.