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The Banker



Someone is killing high-priced hookers with a crossbow, leaving an obscure South American symbol written in blood on the wall near them. We know the killer is a big deal investment banker who no longer gets enough thrill from power and money. The detective assigned to the case, Robert Forster, is not let in on the secret for most of the film. He and his new partner are trying to solve the crimes before his ex-wife (Shanna Reed), a news reporter, irritates the killer and becomes the next victim.

The writer of the film is quick to point out in comments at IMDb that the film has something of a cult following. I can see why. It was a quick, painless watch for me. Given a low budget, it's not a bad little unrated police procedural. The actors (including Bobby from Taxi and the original Shaft) are competent, there is some humor, the villain is pure evil, there is excellent nudity from Teri Weigel, and the story moves along well.


IMDb readers say 4.2 based on only 68 votes

It is only available in the US from on an all-region PAL DVD from Scandinavia. It is a full screen version, but that aspect ratio was created from the full 35 mm negative, so there's no cropping. Of course the boom mike has more screen time than any of the characters, but only because the film was meant to be projected in a widescreen ratio, so the top and bottom of the frame were meant to be off-camera. The audio is in English and the transfer is so-so.

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The Banker (1989)


Terri Weigel shows breasts and possible bush. Christina Walker shows her left breasts, and Leigh Wood and an unknown show a right breast.


Teri Weigel



Christina Walker



Leigh Wood












The Abductors

The Time Machine travels to 1972 for a "Babes In Bondage" bonanza. Lots of boobs and even some full frontal. Cheri Caffaro, the wife of Director Don Schain, is the star and she even has a guy in bondage.



Gerie Bronson tied up and raped by one of the bad guys.


Jeramie Rain, Ined Som & Honey Well are kidnapped and forced to strip down to full frontal nudity and that really bad guy fondles their tits.

Jeramie Rain, who was at one time married to actor Richard Dreyfuss. After a Dreyfuss Affair, of course.

Ined Som

Honey Well

Laurie Rose AKA Jennifer Brooks is another kidnapping victim.








Notes and collages

The Magic Christian

This film about what people are willing to do for money is so quirky I can't recommend it nor dis it.

I happen to like it which is why I own it. You will have to judge for yourselves.

...regardless, Ms. Raquel Welch looks great in this short scene of her as the whip-mistress of an all-female topless crew of rowers on the cruise ship named "The Magic Christian."








Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot

(Whoever dies first is dead longer)

A nice German Comedy about a 11-year-old, Sebastian Schneider (Markus Krojer), who lives in a small Bavarian village with his older brother and his widowed father Lorenz (Fritz Karl), who runs the local tavern.

Sebastian is a real pain in the ass, and after accidentally killing the rabbits of the family, his brother Franz tells him that their mother died when Sebastian was born, and that Sebastian is responsible for her death. Sebastian fears that together with his more than 2000 other secret sins, this is surely enough to condemn him into purgatory. And there are just two ways to avoid purgatory: to atone for his sins, or to achieve immortality.

Sebastian's advisers are the regulars of his father's inn, but while their pieces of advice are well-meant, they are more of the lowbrow kind and not always suited for an 11-year-old, leading amongst other misfortunes to Sebastian making an indecent proposal to his teacher Veronika Dorstreiter (Jule Ronstedt) and planning the murder of her husband when they suggest his father needs to find a new woman "with skills, brains, a nice ass and able to give him a ticking-off." Sebastian thinks Veronika is the one and believes his dead mother gave her agreement.



Jule Ronstedt



Madlen Dahlick


Saskia Vester









Diario de un Skin


"Diario de un Skin" (2005): Esta película es la adapción del libro best seller "diario de un skin" en el que Antonio Salas -un periodista bajo seudónimo- se infiltra en los grupos neonazis de Madrid para descubrir a los asesinos de su compañero de investigación. Cuenta para ello con el apoyo de Jaime, un policía que tiempo atrás había hecho lo mismo pero sin conseguir llegar hasta la cúpula.


This film is an adaptation of an eponymous best seller written by "Antonio Salas," the pseudonym of a journalist who infiltrated a neo-Nazi group in Madrid and exposed the murderers of his fellow investigator. He was assisted by a policeman who had once attempted the same undercover assignment unsuccessfully.



Juana Acosta



Macarena Gomez










Catching up on Marion Cotillard's filmography

A Private Affair








La Guerre dans le haut pays


Une femme piégée


A film clip of Isabel Willer in Operation Dead End (Sample right)

Emily Barclay: In My Father's Den

Sandra Bullock (slight see-through)