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Today we have a really bad movie "Malefic" with some not-so-bad nudity.

Although it is a 2003 movie, this one was filmed in glorious black & white.


Dawn DuVerger shows the tits in these caps and a clip.

Sequoia Rose Fuller does some full frontal in these caps and two clips.


Not to be outdone, Cynder Moon shows it all in and out of the bathtub. Caps and three clips.







Notes and collages

Animal Instincts II


Part 1 of ?

Shannon Whirry










Elisabeth Shue film clips. Collages below.







Enter the DragonScan


Several film clips today of Julian Wells and Misty Mundae in The Seduction of Misty Mundae

There's more to come from this film.








This is the first of five long clips from a hot episode of Thrills called Dr Janet. It is episode 13 from season one, and first aired in (I think) 2001.

Monique Parent in Dr. Janet. Part 1








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Christine Boisson, who first became an internationally recognized figure when she masturbated to the picture of Paul Newman in a famous scene from the original Emmanuelle, way back in 1974, when she was 18. She was nearly 40 when she did the extensive nudity seen below in La Femme Dangereuse, and was still doing nude scenes a few years ago. Check out her collages from La Mecanique des Femmes on Charlie's site to see an incredibly taut bum for a 44-year-old woman. She's 52 now, still acting in both films and TV, but keeping her clothes on lately.






End-of-summer news for hosers:

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF):

  • The Quebec film Derriere moi premieres September 5 at TIFF. Stars Carina Caputo who is best known as the topless cheerleader in a C.A. episode on Radio Canada.
  • Control-Alt-Delete also premieres at TIFF but it's about a guy who literally has sex with computers. Hopefully he's wearing a modem so he won't catch a computer virus.



Straight-to-DVD releases

(Some of the DVDs mentioned below are only available at the Amazon website for hosers

  • The much delayed Trick r' Treat starring Anna Paquin is being screened by Fangoria in New York City October 13th and then will be released straight-to-DVD hopefully before Halloween.
  • The third and final 'Zombie Night' installment, Reel Zombies, will screen September 7 in Portugal at the Lisbon International Horror Film Festival. According to  the initial casting calls there should be nudity for the characters played by Stephannie Hawkins and the incredibly stacked Candace Mullen. I stole this pic from the Reel Zombies facebook group which has a very extensive gallery and some of the actresses are real sexy. Candace Mullen who is almost falling out of her blouse makes it worthwile to fly to Portugal to see the premiere. The second installment, "Awakening," is being released  to DVD September 9.
  • The third and final instalment of Recon 2023, "The Gauda Prime Conspiracy," has started filming early August. Stars newcomers Dominique Arganese as 'Virtual Hefmate' and the incredibly stacked ultimate catfighter Edith Labelle. Also stars Catherine Berube from the CBC Sophie tv series and Heidi Hawkins also returns. The DVD will probably be first released in Japan next year.
  • The low budget hillbilly cannibal horror Scarce has its DVD release date bumped up to October 21.
  • PG-rated box office bomb The Love Guru comes to DVD September 16, although it's not known if the "extended edition" will restore the deleted scene with the "puckbunnies/cheering strippers".
  • For those living under a rock, Uwe Boll's Postal was finally released to DVD last week. I plan to compare the rated, unrated and the German DVD releases.
  • Snow Angels, starring Kate Beckinsale, September 16.
  • Kill Switch, starring Steven Segal, October 7.
  • Y.P.F., aka Young People Fucking, October 14.
  • This Beautiful City, with first time nudity by Kristin Booth and Caroline Cave, October 21.
  • Vice: October 21.
  • Hank and Mike, with first time full frontal nudity by hefmag hopeful Talia Russo, October 28.
  • And the least anticipated straight-to-DVD is the unexpected sequel Slap Shot 3: The Junior League. What next,
    American Pie Presents Clown College?



Cable News

  • Caprica, a TV pilot and prequel to Battlestar Galactica, should air on the Sci-Fi channel in December. It stars Michelle Andrew as a 'lap dancer' who is best known as the 'red-headed lover' from Good Luck Chuck.
  • The 1980s Bizarre cable series starring John Byner and featuring many topless and now embarrassed Toronto area actresses has been picked up by the TV Land cable network in Canada. A much delayed 10-volume set is supposed to be released September 9, but don't hold your breath.
  • I don't know why, but the third season of Paradise Falls is airing on the gay orientated HereTV network instead of Showcase. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it stinks for Showcase to sell its own "original" series to another network leaving its subscribers with afternoon reruns edited for sexual content.
  • The last Canadian episode of Ed the Sock aired Friday night although new episodes will continue to air in other countries, but not in Canada.




Notes on Kill Kill Faster Faster

The only hoser-Dutch co-production I came across was "De Grot" but the Canadian scenes were filmed in Canada with no face-to-face interaction between the Dutch and Canadian characters.  The only listed dancer for "Kill Kill Faster Faster" at IMDB is Nina Epifanova and she's Russian. It's common for Eastern European actresses to play hookers and strippers in mainstream European films (not to mention German "sheister porn"). As with Dutch DVDs they have strict distribution agreements and cannot be legally exported so they're very hard to find.







The paparazzi catch Brit presenter Edith Bowman

Valerie Kaprisky in her prime

Jennifer Aniston surfing.

She's never out of shape.

More of those Eva Mendes fetish pics. Hot stuff.





Film clips

Two high camp classics from the late seventies starring Joan Collins: The Bitch and The Stud. Both films were adapted from books written by Joan's equally tacky sister, Jackie.

Imogen Bailey in the immortal cinema classic, Man-Thing

Pamela Prati in Riflessi de Luce

Several of the more obscure films in Maribel Verdu's filmography. None of these were previously in the film clip database: