"Going Greek"

Going Greek (2001) is a first film from Justin Zackham made for $190K. After two years of trying to get distribution, he got a straight to vid deal. In a feature length commentary, he says that some people will find it hilarious, and others wont find it funny. I suspect it is a generational thing, but put me in the group that didn't find this gross-out humor funny. That is not to put down the film. It has an audience, and they will love it. The DVD features two commentary tracks, one by Zackham, and the other by cast members. If you find the film funny, you will also love the cast members track, and the deleted scenes. For me, the directors commentary was the most interesting thing about the DVD, as he talked about exactly what it took to get a low budget film made in a very candid manner. The toughest part is whatever the next step is. In other words, the entire process is a struggle. His advice is to get DV equipment and editing equipment, and make a very simple film on your own money, learn something in the process, then sell an idea to investors and go for a real film.

He learned as he went, and it wasn't easy for him. After the principal photography was done, he realized he didn't have enough coverage to edit with, and had to get enough money for four more days of shooting. He advises to save some of your budget for reshooting. He also points out that you will almost never sell a film shot on DV, so go 35mm with any film you hope to sell. First, create a script, then write a business plan. Investors, according to him, don't really invest in a low budget Indie hoping to make a profit. They just like being around movies. You do have to convince them a profit is possible, however.

This is the story about an ex jock and High School All American (Dylan Bruno) who lost his athletic scholarship to Notre Dame due to an injury. He is now joining his cousin under an academic scholarship at a small university. His brother is a mousey type whose greatest ambition is too join the hottest frat on campus. The frat wants Bruno because of a bet they made on an intramural football game, and convince him that his cousin can't get in unless he agrees to join. Unfortunately, the girl that interests him (Susan Ward) hates frats, partly because her ex is in the very frat that the cousins wish to join. Guess what frat member is assigned to haze Bruno.

Possibly the most outrageous joke is a circle jerk where all the ledges shoot on a big cookie. The last one has to eat the cookie. If you find that funny, you will love this film. Lauren Petty shows a breast in a hallway necking scene, and Rainbeau Mars shows a breast at a frat party. Two unknowns also show breasts, the first knocking on a dorm door with her boyfriend and asking to buy a rubber, the second a girlfriend of a pledge who shows her breasts on his interview tape. This second unknown could be the poster child for bad boob jobs.

IMDB readers have it at 4.6 of 10. Comments are all favorable. While I didn't find the film funny, many might, and the commentary was worth the price. This is a C. If you like gross out humor, this is your film.

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    "Pink Cadillac"

    Pink Cadillac (1989) is a Clint Eastwood comedy about a skip chaser, a guy who catches people who have skipped out on a bail bondsman. It is chiefly remembered as the closest Bernadette Peters has ever come to showing anything. In a morning after scene with Eastwood, she is wrapped in a towel that looks like it is taped to her, but works a little loose, and shows half her left breast, and what looks like half of the nipple. She represents his most challenging case. She is married with a baby, and her husband is a lowlife, who is a member of a hate group. She is arrested for counterfeiting because she was the only one home when the police raided her trailer. They set a high bail, hoping she will rat on the group. She gets a bail bondsman to spring her, then skips town in her husband's pink Cadillac. Imagine her surprise when she finds it fill of money.

    She assumes it is also counterfeit, and decides to spend some of it in Reno, but it is actually real, and the entire bankroll for the hate group. The group wants it back, and her dead, but Eastwood becomes involved with her. IMDB readers have it at 4.8 of 10. Ebert awarded one star, finding the use of a White Supremacist group as a comedy plot device inappropriate. I like Eastwood and Peters, and found it watchable and occasionally amusing, although a little slow in parts. C-.

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    Graphic Response
    • Frida Betrani, excellent toplessness in scenes from the Canadian movie "Last Wedding" (2001).

    • Kerry Fox, the Kiwi actress goes full frontal, gives a BJ and has real sex on film in scenes from the controversial movie "Intimacy" (2000).

    • Sammi Davis-Voss and Amanda Donohoe, show all 3 B's in scenes from the Ken Russell movie "The Rainbow" (1989).

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    'Caps and comments by PAL:

    I'm back from great vacation, so let's go back to business!

    Here are various TV-caps of...

    • Judy Winter, topless and getting felt up in scenes from "Und Jimmy ging zum Regenbogen" (Germany 1971). (1, 2)

    • Claire Obermann topless in "Das schoene Ende dieser Welt" (Germany 1984)

    • Barra Grant and Tani Guthrie in scenes from "Daughters of Satan" (USA 1972). Both ladies are topless and Grant is looks great in a Hankster approved Babe in Bondage moment.

    • Kate Fischer, Maureen Larrazabal and Taryn Reif in "Krocodylus" (USA 2000). Larrazbal and Reif are both topless, Fisher shows pokies and mega-cleavage as she grabs her breasts.

    'Caps and comments by Oz:

    "La Bamba"
    There's the briefest glimpse of Elizabeth Peņa's nipple in La Bamba.

    • Elizabeth Peņa (1, 2)

    ICQ is an Australian short movie about an Internet infatuation. Some of the pictures are deliberately low quality as they are supposed to be from a video cam. Brief nipple exposure by Kate Denborough but nothing shown by Sarah Peron, who is a cheerleader.

    "Mother, Jugs and Speed"
    Raquel Welch is Jugs in Mother, Jugs and Speed. But there is no exposure, only sexy shots of Erica Hagen and a couple of others.

    No nudity in Wishcraft but some sexy shots of Alexandra Holden as she gets down to her underwear.

    • Alexandra Holden (1, 2, 3, 4)

    "Born Romantic"
    It's a similar story in the British film Born Romantic. There's brief pokies by Jane Horrocks and Olivia Williams has her top off.

    "Friday the 13th Part III"
    There's a bit of breast exposure by Tracie Savage in Friday the 13th Part III.

    • Tracie Savage (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    "Friday the 13th Part IV"
    Going to the next part, there's topless (and maybe more) by twins Camilla and Carey Moore. Judie Aronson is topless and bottomless, Barbara Howard has a shower and there's some topless exposure by an actress in an early 1900s porno.

    • Camilla and Carey Moore (1, 2, 3)
    • Judie Aronson (1, 2, 3)
    • Barbara Howard (1, 2)
    • Unknown

    Jennifer Lopez J-Lo in scenes from the movie she probably wants everyone to forget about...and no it's not "Gigli". Here she is topless in the Oliver Stone movie "U Turn".

    Marie Liljedahl
    (1, 2)

    The Swedish actress bares all 3 B's and even has a mild lesbian scene in the 1969 movie "La Isla de la muerte" aka "Eugenie".