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Van Wilder

, Volume 2


Brainscan's comments:

"The disk called Volume 2 has with the thinnest of plot lines.  Eastern European nude models and pornstars living in a post-apocalyptic world that looks a helluva lot like any part of Europe that used to house the Red Army run around naked, get lots of exercise and shoot off guns at no one and nothing in particular.

Among these women - and the reason I got this disk in the first place - is Lucie Haluzik (here she uses the name Victoria Roberts).  Spaz has sent in collages of her from a couple of Czechsploitation films.  She had been Czech Hefmate of the month once upon a time and has since moved onto much harder things.  She and Hana Black (who used the name Zabrina Aamir in this disk) give new meaning to the term, gynocam."

Before we get to them:

Sylvia Saint film clips (collages below)

Much more to come from this disk


TV/Film clips

Stine Fischer Christensen in Smukke Mennesker (2010)

Mille Lehfeldt, also in Smukke Mennesker

Talisa Soto and Nora Codina in Hostage (1993), but in VHS quality



Susu Pecoraro, Ines Molina and Gabriela Toscano in Sur (1988)

Dominique Sanda in The Conformist (1970) in 720p

Stefania Sandrelli
, also in The Conformist


Anja Rubik

Pell James in Pawn Shop Chronicles