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Cabin in the Woods


The Cabin in the Woods is a satire of the tropes of horror films where 5 archetypal friends are brought to a cabin in the woods to enjoy a weekend away, not knowing that they are being manipulated by a control room. As the usual couples hook up, the jock and the ditzy girl, the sensitive guy and the so-called virginal girl (while the stoner gets nothing, per usual...), the control room unleashes stock horror villain #543, Civil War Zombies. As the zombies take the group out in the usual order, the control room are rejoicing yet another success, except the stoner isn't dead and he comes back to ruin the plot and uncover a worldwide conspiracy or some shit


I can't think of a film that feels like someone is pointing and laughing at me more than The Cabin in the Woods. Say what you will about generic horror films but at least they don't insult you for watching them (they may insult you in other ways though). If the makers of this film think that it will change horror films forever, then I've got news for them, it won't and nor have they. Who's laughing at whom now? (Ah, probably them still...)


Film/TV Clips

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Kate Hudson almost went full McGowan at the premiere of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Kathleen Kinmont in Halloween 4 (1988)

This is the best one I have seen of the Lara Bingle paparazzi photos

Marina Anna Eich and Julia Jaschke in Die Wahrheit der Luege (2011)

Candice Swanepoel