Hi, Scoop. I rented the film Boynton Beach Club I captured a few frames of Sally Kellerman. As far as I can tell no CGI involved and for her age she looks damn good. Not Hugo quality but it should suffice.

(Oh, what the heck. Here's Doutzen, just for fun ...)

Another member of a celeb group which I am a member said he attended a pre screening of All Good Things and that Kirsten Dunst had a shower nude scene. I have not heard anything about this film and wondering if you have.




About two weeks ago I read such a report, probably from the same guy. It sounds detailed enough to be convincing: "I'd say the shot lasted five to ten seconds, going from a front-on as she opened the shower door to a side view as she clutched to [Ryan] Gosling's back in the shower. The shot was pretty tight, as its perspective was from the inside wall of the shower, a rectangular space about five feet wide. It cut off both actors from about waist-height and topped off near the ceiling, allowing for a foot or two above Gosling's head."

Incidentally the Encyclopedia has a few rough collages of Kellerman in that Boynton film. Quality is "meh" since the scene is so dark.



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Inventing the Abbotts


Jennifer Connelly film clips

Frame grabs below




The Big Bounce


Leigh Taylor-Young film clips

This is the lame 1969 original, not the even lamer 2004 remake with Owen Wilson. In the first version the lameness was mitigated by some nice nudity. Frame grabs below.








The Informers


Today is all about Amber Heard and her sexy breast-baring role in "The Informers". Amber just oozes sex in these HQ caps and 4 clips. TV Land took a break today, because nothing could even begin to compare to Amber. It will return tomorrow.

Amber Heard 720p film clips. Collages below.






Life is Hot in Cracktown


The thing that hits you about this powerful 2009 drama almost immediately is, it is nasty. Starting out with the gang-rape of a girl by a supposed "friend", a street gangster who has no scruples, to the violent ending, this one never quits, and it never gets nice.

The story, based on a novel by writer/director Buddy Giovinazzo, explores life in an urban America inundated by crack cocaine, and the effect it has on the inhabitants. Four people's stories are followed as they wind up on a collision course orchestrated by the coke. For the most part, they are not pleasant stories.

I found this to be a totally engrossing, albeit extremely unpleasant, even hard-to-watch, movie. It isn't a night of pleasant movie entertainment, but it is very worthwhile. Without meaning to, or perhaps exactly meaning to, Giovinazzo made a horror movie.


Katia Pevec Shannyn Sossamon Stephanie Lugo







Le Jupon Rouge, Guillemette Grobon

Lisa Bellnyck in Exterminating Angels

Bernadette Heerwagen in Liebe und Weitere Katastrophen

Ivana Bozilovic in Van Wilder

Lindiwe Matshikiza in Silent Witness s12e11

Tinarie Van Wyk Loots in Silent Witness s12e11

Uma Thurman changing into a bikini, with bare-butt goodness.. The pics are new to me but I don't know when they were actually taken. Whenever it was, she was so thin that it made her outrageously long legs look even longer.


More captures of Shannyn Sossamon in Life is Hot in Cracktown


From Jack Snow, a Stephanie Schoenfeld film festival:

(1) Stephanie Schoenfeld (and Lilly Marie Tschoertner) in Haus Und Kind. Collages below.




(2)  Stephanie Schoenfeld in Teen Angst. Collage below.

One reader told me he had trouble with the clip of Ornella Muti in Appasionata. That was encoded with the H.264 codec. Here's  another version re-encoded from the latest standard version of DivX from If you had no trouble with yesterday's clip, ignore this one.

Here's Rachel Weisz showing her butt in The Brothers Bloom (2009). Weisz has trimmed down considerably and looks good. Sample captures below.

One more look at Niki Huey in last week's Entourage, this time in 720p. (sample below)