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"Stella Blomkvist"

s1e1, 1920x800

Heida Reid


"Femme Fatales"

Femme Fatales was a Cinemax series made in 2011 to 2012. There were two seasons and 25 episodes. Each episode was introduced by Tanit Phoenix and is a self-contained story about women. Being Cinemax, there is plenty of nudity.

These caps are from the first season and were made in 2011.

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Episode 12

Ashley Levis

Makinna Ridgway

Tanit Phoenix

Some not identified

Cadillac Man

1990, 1080hd

Fran Drescher film clip (collages below)

Trine Dyrholm in Dronningen (2019) in 1080hd

Pollyanna McIntosh in Darlin' (2019) in 1080hd

Ava Verne and Lena Morris in Ecstasy (2018) in 1080hd

Ava Verne

Lena Morris

Carolina Ramirez in Nina Errante (2018) in 720p

Karin Franz Korlof in Tradgardsgatan (2017) in 1080hd

Annika Blendl in Ein Starkes Team (e41) in 720p

An enhanced clip of Eliza Dushku in The Alphabet Killer (2008) in 1080hd

Maria Semenova in Der Untergang (2004) in 720p

Cara Delevingne


Demi Lovato