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Jazmyn Simon in a see-through bra

Day 5
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Juliette Kida

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Vera Nova

Ballad in Blood


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Two actresses who are perhaps more famous as European singers spend a collected 20 minutes nekkid.
Carlotta Morelli is the more thoroughly and more consistently undressed of the two, so much so that various body parts should have gotten separately billing.

Noemi Smorra is the lesser exposed and most of that time she plays a corpse.  Now, I am not one of those who finds attractive women playing cadavers to be the least bit interesting but the director in this case did everything he could to make sure you know its all Hollywood - or the Austrian version of it - by keeping the gore to a minimum and the color in Noemi's cheeks perfectly life-like.

So, the movie: simple plot, really, ripped from the headlines of one attractive young woman dead in the flat she shared with another attractive young woman, and a boyfriend.  Or two.  Fine, fine, sure, sure.  No one remembers the mayhem because all were drunk or stoned out of their collective gourds, so the movie unwinds as exposition of what went on to make the corpus delicti.

Only thing to recommend it at all are the two women, attractive and exposed.  And my oh my they are.  If this fine cinematic achievement had starred even B list American actresses it would have been a winner of everyone's poll of best 2016 nude scene(s).  Ms Morelli, in particular, spares nothing to make hers one of the most impressive performance of the nekkid type these aged eyes have seen in a long while.

And while we're at it, two other women got naked as well:

Unknown 1

Unknown 2


Noemi Smorra was also modestly naked in a 2015 music video, Trasparate

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