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In Tranzit


I Got the Hook Up


Brainscan's comments:

"I Got the Hook Up is a late 1990's urban movie that was supposed to be funny, I think.  Not sure, really.  Might have been funny then.  Ain't now.  There are two scenes of some worth, both of which are populated by strippers.  One scene has seven of them, two white gals and five black gals.  Now the two white gals have shown up in other films and are easy to recognize.  They are Lori Morrissey and Shayna Ryan.  But the same is not true for the black gals in this scene.  We got the names and we got the faces (and the hooties) but matching them up proven impossible.  The second scene was filmed at a gentleman's establishment and had a terrific looking woman who had her clothes on when the camera focused on her but had her top off when she was in the blurry background.  Pissed me off, so I did not bother to work with it at all."

Lori Morrissey

Shayna Ryan

Gretchen Palmer

topless performers


TV/Film clips

Mati Diop in Simon Killer (2012) in 1080p

Screen legend Sylvia Kristel stark naked in Alice ou la derniere fugue (1977)


The bottom of Katie Holmes's ass

Elle Adams

Carrick Glenn in The Burning (1981)

Carolyn Houlihan, also in The Burning

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