Charlie is back from summer vacation, and his site is updated. BIG update.


"There was a little flurry of activity a year or so ago, when you posted several "Naked on Stage" videos. I'd love to see more: I don't suppose you could put out a call for material, could you? As one example, I remember a few years ago 'DB' (I can't remember his full moniker) did some lovely collages from a variety of German operas on TV that clearly involved fair amounts of nudity: I don't suppose anyone has video captures of these... or any other delights live on stage???" Just a personal request from a long-standing member (hmmm, maybe I'd better rephrase that, lol)


Scoop's note: I also like that kind of material, but I've run everything I know about, and I will keep doing so. I don't really know where to find more. If anyone else has goodies to share, or any tips, please do it.

Some rambling from Scoop:

I have had a weird and stressful 24 hours. Early Friday morning my main computer got fried. The effects of that loss were not as pernicious as might have been expected for several reasons: I had virtually all my Fun House stuff on an external hard drive which escaped unscathed from the catastrophe; I wrote all my passwords down on a real piece of non-virtual paper fairly recently; and I had lots of other material backed up online. Almost everything I lost can be recovered. Indeed, the computer was getting badly outdated and I needed to replace it, but it's just so much work to do that, and I didn't want to mess around with VISTA, so I was skating. Besides it's incredibly tedious to build a new computer, and who the hell wants to find more tedious things to do? So I was really just kind of living on borrowed time. Given all that, I suppose that yesterday's great collapse really just forced me to do some modernizing that I should have done long ago.

But ... what a pain in the ass.

We really have, or I should say "I really had," no idea how much of our lives we give away to bookmarks and shortcuts. Without all those handy little keys, I couldn't remember how to open a lot of doors, and I'm still piecing a lot of things together. Small example: Hank sends his files to me by storing them online, and I pick them up directly from his storage area. It's a great system - except I had the location recorded solely in a bookmark. Of course I've written him and he'll respond, and everything will be normal tomorrow, but for today, no Hank section. He's sent it in, I have no doubt. I just can't remember where the hell it is!

And things that normally take me fifteen routine seconds are taking me up to an hour to figure out.

OK, it only takes an hour the first time, and then it's back to fifteen seconds, but still ...

Losing your bookmarks and shortcuts is like being afflicted with an instant case of Alzheimer's.



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Suzanna Hamilton film clips

Great nudity, largely forgotten by time. Raw frame grabs below:

Scoop's note: It's interesting to see the evolution in image quality over the fifteen or so years I've been doing this. The images below are 720x400, which is the standard size for DVD output. (DVD raw output is 720x480, but the typical aspect ratio is about 1.8:1, so if the image is filled out with 720 pixels from left to right, there will be about 400 pixels from top to bottom, with about 40 pixels of black space above the meaningful data, and another 40 below it. There was a time, around 1999 or so, when were astounded by the quality of DVD images. (VHS output is 320x240 so DVD offered 4.5X the resolution.) Now, however, DVD doesn't seem so impressive. Compare these images, as  nice as some of them can be, to those spectacular Blu-Ray grabs from Betty Blue down in Catch o' the Day. The difference between Blu-Ray and DVD (6X) is greater than the distance between DVD and VHS! If only Blu-Ray were a little more customer-friendly.







Through no fault of Hank's, his section is missing today. See my section above for clarification, or obfuscation, or something.







Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning

Alanna Ubach on last week's Hung

Capucine Delaby from Un Souvenir


More of Greta Gerwig in Nights and Weekends

Eurydice Davis in American Son

Diana Terranova in American Son

Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue


Film Clips

Kate Mara and Sophia Bush in three different episodes from the very first season of nip/tuck

Two films with a gorgeous Euro-legend, Ornella Muti: Appassionata and El amante bilingue

Alison Lohman (not nude) in Drag Me to Hell

Penelope Cruz in Los Abrazos Rotos.

(Cruz is topless in Almodovar's new film, also known as Broken Embraces. Samples below)

The nudity is not explicit, but this film will be spectacularly beautiful on Blu-Ray!