Video clips: Nicole Kidman, on hiatus

I'm waiting for my copies of The Portrait of a Lady and Bangkok Hilton to arrive. I thought they'd be here by now. Those will finish off the Kidman nudity, and I'll get to them as soon as the mailman gets off his duff.


Assorted Video Clips:

  • Irene Cara in Fame. I have always thought this to be a very effective scene. Here it is in high definition. (Zipped .avi)
  • Nicolette Sheridan in Raw Nerve. (Movie House Review). If you like Nicolette, this is a great rental for you. Some very sexy nudity, and a decent little low-budget noir thriller which is a tetch better than its 4.6 at IMDb. (Two avis zipped together.)
  • Cynda Williams in Relax, It's Just Sex. (Two avis zipped together.) I've never seen this movie, but I'm going to soon, because I really like Cynda. Been hot for her since Mo' Better Blues.
  • Lauren Lee Smith in The L Word, Season 2, Ep 2 - the famous bubble bath in HD. Sample capture below



The question:

Hi, I have been a longtime subscriber and I think the website is great.  I have a question about one of the deleted scenes from Not Another Teen Movie.  The scene in question is the one with Areola and Janie walking down the hall to class.  In the Encyclopedia of Film Nudity, under Cerina Vincent, there are two pictures that show Cerina Vincent's butt while walking down the hall with Chyler Leigh.  I am wondering where to find a video of this scene.  I have the unrated DVD of this film and in this deleted scene on my DVD her butt is not visible.  I have searched the internet and can not find any answers on this.  I figured if anyone knew or could find the answer it would be you.  I hope you can help.  Thanks in advance.

Scoop's Reply:

The answer is that it's not in the deleted scenes, but in the movie itself.

But there's a trick!
The DVD producers double-dipped on this one and issued a second DVD - the "uncensored unrated extended director's cut." Those are normally rip-offs, but not in this case. There were ten minutes of never-seen-before footage not covered in the first DVD, either in the movie or the deleted scenes. You will find this scene in the main movie, at 13m57s, extending for six seconds.
Here is a zipped .wmv of the scene in question.





The three original Charlie's Angels at the Emmys

The fifty busiest Wikipedia pages
  1. JonBenet
  2. Pluto

Angelina Jolie's Shiseido Commercial

Lots of pics from the Budapest Parade 2006

The 100 Worst Album Covers EVER

Fametracker's Ten Least Essential Fall Films

"How To Write the Ultimate Chick Flick"
  • This is funny and right on target. Defying all logic, and overcoming all negative preconceptions associated with the magazine, Cracked.com has become one of the internet's best humor sites

FilmJerk.com's Early Report for August 28

Turns out the crazy pervert dude did NOT kill JonBenet Ramsey

Giving new meaning to the initials ISP: Britain bans Internet Sperm Providers

The controversial opening from the 2006 Emmy show. (Conan plane crash.)

Five clips from The Queen, the movie which features Helen Mirren as QE2. (The physical resemblance is remarkable.)

A trailer and four clips from A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
  • "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" is a coming-of-age drama about a boy growing up in Astoria, N.Y., during the 1980s. As his friends end up dead, on drugs or in prison, he comes to believe he has been saved from their fate by various so-called saints.

An extended clip from Flyboys, the WW1 drama based upon the legendary Lafayette Escadrille

Man Throws Phone 292 Feet to Win Contest
  • Ever heard of the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship? It was held in Finland this weekend."
  • ____________________ (Insert obvious Russell Crowe joke here.)

"We asked our readers whether John F. Kerry might have a shot at the White House in 2008." They got some very clever and funny responses.

Redneck Rocket Launcher
Emmys 2006 - Conan's Opening Monologue

Stewart and Colbert present at the 2006 Emmys. Hilarious!

Celebrity Safari is a site where people post their own pictures of themselves with celebrities

Daredevil attempts a one mile jump over the St Lawrence river from Canada to New York

'Smoking' Stones star under fire
  • Get this - a sign of changing times. Keef is in trouble for smoking - a regular old cigarette - during a concert. Hell, he probably used to mainline on stage in the old days.
  • It's not only times that change, but people as well. T'was a time when the Scots were the least pussified people and Glasgow probably was the toughest-ass city in the English-speaking world. Now they want to arrest one of the Rolling Stones for firing up a Marlboro. Oh, man, I can't wait to cast my vote for Kinky Friedman as governor. (His platform is the de-pussification of Texas.)

"Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON is set to blast into space on RICHARD BRANSON's Virgin Enterprise rocket."

You might want to put Crank on your list of films to keep an eye on ... Amy Smart blowing Statham while he's driving a car, fleeing from baddies, and shooting out the window.
  • Now THAT's some manly shit, but he only needs one hand to shoot, and he could steer with his knees, so where's the glass of scotch that should be in his other hand? I guess we'll have to wait for the Will Ferrell version.

The trailer for the drama Man Push Cart
  • "It's 3:00 a.m. in Manhattan, the hour of rumbling garbage trucks, glaring headlights, and the bluish florescent glow of the all-night delis. Trudging alongside the honking traffic, Ahmad drags a coffee and bagel cart to a busy midtown corner. Hours later, he is swiftly and efficiently selling steaming cups of 'coffee regular' to rushing New Yorkers. In the afternoons, he battles traffic to return the cart to a warehouse, occasionally peddling bootleg DVDs for extra cash along the way. A solitary, quiet loner, Ahmad strikes up slightly awkward friendships with Noemi, a young Spanish woman who works at a newsstand, and wealthy, jovial Mohammad, who is shocked when he realizes Ahmad was a famous singer in South Asia. Through Ahmad's relationships with both his new friends, and his estranged family, we come to understand that he is haunted by a tragedy in his past. A beautifully crafted character study that captures the textures of a very specific New York experience, Ramin Bahrani's 'Man Push Cart' is a subtle, insightful portrait of a man struggling with issues of identity, self-worth, and the harsh realities of finding a place to belong in a vast, often-unfriendly American metropolis."
The trailer for Le Petit lieutenant, a French crime story
  • Refresher course: "bande annonce" is a trailer, and "haute res" means high resolution
  • Description: On the day of his graduation from the police academy, Antoine (Lespert) learns that his request for assignment in Paris has been granted. While his wife remains in the country, Antoine finds a place in town and starts working in the criminal unit run by Inspector Caroline Vaudieu (Baye), who's recovering from a long battle with alcoholism brought on by the death of her son. The police unit becomes a kind of refuge for them both, as Antoine pours himself into his work and Caroline fights to regain the respect she'd lost. Investigating a series of brutal attacks along the banks of the Seine, they begin to form a unique bond - until tragedy strikes and sends them both hurtling to the edge.

Snopes looks at "The Madden Curse"

Video Piracy Ring Drops Tom Cruise Films ... Chinese Bootleggers Call Star's Behavior 'Unacceptable'
  • The head of the illegal operation, Mr. Yung-Ho Zhaoye, said that the decision brings down the curtain on over two decades of illegally copying and selling Mr. Cruise's films on the streets of the Far East.

For about $89,400, you can buy the S.S. Minnow from Gilligan's Island (To be more technical, you can buy one of the four boats used as the Minnow)

Britney finally bares all on Tokyo subway. With pictures

Fascinating nature story: The Tennessee Fainting Goats.
  • Stay with it. There's some great footage toward the end of the story. You'll see about a half dozen of them collapse in unison.

Trivia question: which actor gets rained on the most?

Time to restore 61 as HR standard
  • By the time anybody got around to making that decision, the record would be broken. The presumably steroid-free Ortiz and Howard are on pace for 59 and 58 this year! One spurt for either of them, and 62 is well within reach.
  • Baseball is a game contingent on the competitive balance between pitching and batting, and that balance is determined by small rule changes. You want batters to hit more homers? Legalize aluminum bats. You want fewer homers? Enlarge the strike zone and/or raise the mound. Baseball's run production in the 20s and 30s was as high or higher than now, but it was down to deadball levels by the late 60s. There is as much offense as baseball's rulers allow, and they allow as much as the fans respond to. Offense is currently dominating the game, as it did in the 20s and 30s, because the current philosophy says that offense fills the seats, and record-chases are good for the game. (Remember the excitment over Sosa-McGwire.)
  • Plus, look at the size of those mofos. Stan Musial weighed 175 pounds, Willie Mays 180, Yaz 182. Those guys would be anemic shortstops in today's world. Ryan Howard admits to 252 pounds (up 22 pounds from what his card originally said). Ortiz still claims 230, but I suppose he weighed more than that in eighth grade. I'm thinkin' he's pretty damned close to 300. Is it surprising that they can hit the ball farther than Mays could.
  • The weights of the biggest baseball and basketball players are always understated for some reason. Do you remember when the Lakers used to claim that Shaq weighed 299? He now freely admits to 338 in interviews, and that is probably when he's in his best mid-season shape. And that's now, when he's in comparatively good shape, gets back on defense consistently, and looks slim compared to a few years ago. I suppose he's now 350-360 in the off-season. In his last year with the Lakers he was about 370 in the season, and had to get very close to four bills in the off-season. Ortiz can't match that of course, but get that lad on the scale in December, after Christmas dinner, and my over/under is three bills.

Egotastic! - 58th Annual Emmy Awards Mega Picture Post

Jennifer Lopez dancing salsa in a see-thru dress (Many years ago)



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Rome (2005) - Day 3. Episodes 6 and 7.

Episode 6. Mark Anthony rules Rome as Caesar chases off to Greece after Pompey. Pompey eludes him, all the while gathering forces, until he has a 10 to one advantage over Caesar. Lucius's wife learns that the father of her baby is dead. Attia, as a member of the Julii, sees trouble ahead for her family. She gets her son laid and trained in fighting. When she proposes a marriage to Mark Anthony, she is mocked. Caesar sends for Mark Anthony, but he takes his time deciding to remain loyal to Caesar, but eventually sets sail with the 13 legion to Greece.

Francesca Berrettini shows breasts in a topless sword fight with another woman. Polly Walker again shows breasts. Francesca Fowler shows breasts and buns as the hooker chosen by Attia's son. Several other hookers show body parts while he is choosing. An unknown shows breasts as a fertility priestess.

Episode 7 has Mark Anthony sailing to Greece to reinforce Caesar, only to be shipwrecked in a storm. Lucius and Pullo survive, make it to Greece, and run into the fleeing Pompey. Lucius lets him and his family go, but, at the end of the episode, Pompey reaches Egypt, and is killed on the shore.

No nudity in this episode.


Episode 6 nudity

Francesca Berrettini shows breasts in a topless sword fight with another woman.
Polly Walker again shows breasts.
Francesca Fowler shows breasts and buns as the hooker chosen by Attia's son.
Other hookers show body parts while he is choosing; another unknown as a fertility priestess.






Dann reports on Kisses and Caroms:

This 2006 comedy is amusing if not hilarious, but you probably won't notice. Your full attention will be on Nicole Rayburn, who is smokin' hot in this. From the beginning, where she's topless, to the rest of the movie, which she spends in a tight little see-through top and low-cut jeans that show her thong top, she commands the most attention.

As for the movie's plot, it's about employees of a billiard shop. The boss has broken up with his girlfriend of two years, who is also an employee. He wants to be "just friends". In an effort to get back together, she arranges a three-way with Tara (Nicole Rayburn), who is the shop's Pro.

Complications abound, naturally, but there is a happy ending. However, it's not the ending you'll like. It's getting there that's all the fun.

Nicole Rayburn Patty Souza





Debralee Scott in 1971's Dirty Harry. She started off her acting resumÚ with full frontal nudity, then would never get naked again in a fairly solid career. Some years later she demonstrated a gift for comedy, and she's probably best remembered for her work on Mary Hartman, or as I always remember her - as "Hotzi" Totzi on Welcome Back, Kotter. In Dirty Harry, however, she had just turned 18 and the best work she could get was as a naked corpse.

Many years later, her fiancÚ died in the 9/11 attacks.

Debralee died last year, aged 52, under rather strange circumstances. Her cause of death was never really understood (see her Wikipedia page).

Brittany Daniel in Rampage


Melissa George in Two Twisted (non-nude ... well ... unrevealing, anyway)