Today's Images.
Amanda De Cadenet
  • Our first offerings of this British super model come to us from Crow. These are vidcaps from the movie "Fall". I haven't seen it, but it was written by, directed by, and stars the same guy who wrote, directed, and stared in "If Lucy Fell". They sound almost like the same movie, a supermodel falls for a likeable, average dude. But without Ben Stiller as the hilarious, tortured-artist, Bwick, I can't imagine there being anything original to watch. Except maybe for Amanda's nude scenes. But then again, we have those for you here. Basically, I guess you can save yourselves the 3 bucks, there's no need to rent it.!
  • Amanda De Cadenet from "Fall", by Crow #2.
  • Amanda De Cadenet from "Fall" by Crow #3.
  • These next two images are recycled. I know we ran these maybe a month ago, but if they came back that fast, it usually means that they are popular pics, so as an encore...this is Amanda au naturale.
  • Amanda De Cadenet, pants not included.
  • From Graphic Response
  • I'm glad that I finally have enough from Graphic Response to give him his own mini-gallery! All this week I've been saluting our contributors, and I felt like I didn't give him enough credit for all his effort. Graphic is one of our longest running contributors, and one of the founders of the CelebNet group of artists whose names frequently appear on the images you see in the Fun House. His work is always top quality, and each collage stands alone as a wonderful tribute to the celebrity it features. As our first example, here's a new collage of Moira Kelly.
  • Next, here's the latest collage of Nastassja Kinski. She's been very popular this week! I guess her new movie "Your Friends and Neighbors" is doing well.
  • Our final offering from Graphic Response, the lovely actress, Valerie Kaprisky
  • Fun House Variety
  • Kicking off the Variety section, here are a few new Scans from Hugo. First, Karen Butler. Hugo didn't think this out came out that great, but don't worry folks, like all artists, they're hardest on themselves. It's a lovely scan.
  • Next, here's British actress, and former Mrs. Ralph Fiennes, Alex Kingston.
  • From The Anonymous Guy, here's little known actress, and former bunny mag celeb Heidi Sorenson. Vidcaps from the 80's classic, "Fright Night".
  • Next, this is Minnie Driver from a recent cover of Cosmo I think. All of the text has been removed, so it's only Minnie and her cleavage.
  • Sing noticed that we have had a deluge of Natasha Henstridge pics come in, so he thought he'd join the fun. Actually, this is the only submission this week to feature vidcaps from "Species 2".
  • From Piolin, paparazzi pics of Jose Toledo.
  • Next from Piolin, more paparazzi stuff. This time, here's Kate Moss.
  • O.K., I know I have a large amount of useless movie trivia stuffed in my brain, but all of that can't help me now. Like a moron, I deleted the e-mail reminding me who this is, and trying to figure it out from the IMDb is a bit difficult. The movie is "Schindler's List". The character was the girl who Ralph Fiennes picked out of the prison camp for a quickie. I guess he was demonstrating German efficiency. Anyway, I 'm drawing a blank. Nice caps though, from Attitude.
  • Attitude vidcap from "Schindler's List" #2.