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Every Time We Say Goodbye


1080p clip of Cristina Marsillach

"Underbelly: Badness"



Naked Country


The Naked Country is a tawdry drama about a couple named  Lance (John Stanton) and Mary (Rebecca Gilling), who own land that encroaches on what some local Aborigines claim to be their land. After an initial stand off, Lance decides to make peace with the Aborigines. When the chief agitator Mundaru (Tommy Lewis) is denied the hand in marriage of Menyan (Neela Dey), who instead joins the growing list of wives of an elder, Mundaru loses it. First, he and those friendly with him kill a prize bull owned by Lance, then in the commotion, a local cop (John Jarratt) is speared to death and Lance narrowly escapes, although he cops a spear in the shoulder. Meanwhile, head local cop Sergeant Neil Adams (Ivar Kants) comes in to look for the missing Lance. Mary, who is feeling unfulfilled in marriage to Lance, asks to join in the manhunt and one night Mary and the cop sleep together. While this is going on, Lance, Mandaru and his friends are in a life and death battle, as local elders set about getting their own justice for Mundaru.

There's some interesting stuff here and most of it settles around the battle between Lance and Mandaru (both John Stanton and Tommy Lewis are great in this film), but when the film doesn't focus on this, it's extremely soapy. Everything involving Mary is so groan inducing that it stops the film from been a good watch. And then there's the 'blacking up' of Neela Day to look like an Aborigine, which is just embarrassing and even more so when in the interviews with various people involved with the film have a problem with it. Whose dumbarse decision was that? Director Tim Burstall once blazed a trail for future filmmakers, but The Naked Country is a poor film and it wouldn't get any better for him with the mediocre Kangaroo in 1987 and the just plain embarrassing American supersoap rip-off Return to Eden (which is being remade, fuck off...).

Neela Day


Film/TV Clips

Season Three of Hung in 1080p:

Rebecca Creskoff in episode 1

Arden Myrin and Michaela Watkins in episode 1

various women in episode 1

Kelly Ryan in episode 3

Kaitlin Doubleday in episode 4

Candice Coke in episode 6

Georgia Hatzis in episode 9

Eileen Grubba in episode 9


Billie Piper in season one of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (and Beth Cordingly)

Joanna Page in From Hell (2001) in 1080p

Monika Baumgartner and Lena Stolze in Das schreckliche Maedchen (1990)

Sherilyn Fenn in The Wraith (1986) in 1080p

Marianna Hill in El Condor (1970)

Marianna Hill in Medium Cool (1969)



Pamela Anderson in Lovecat Magazine, whatever that is
(Helluva time to be starting a new print venture)

Seven stark naked supermodels

Note: the pics are not to scale.
Foe example: Kristen McMenemy, Naomi Campbell and Natalia Vodionova are ally the same height

Danica Curcic in Over Kanten (2012)

Liliya May in Any Questions for Ben? (2012)

Lily Cole

Maria Nela Sinisterra in Penumbra (2011)

Louise Cliffe in Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead (2009)

Rebecca Perle in Heartbreak Ridge (1986)

Melanie Griffith in Fear City (1984)

Glynis Barber in The Wicked Lady (1983)

Julie Christie in Darling (1970)