"What the Swedish Butler Saw"

What the Swedish Butler Saw (1975) is a comedy sex farce made by an American director in English in Sweden and Denmark using English stars in the lead roles. It is a sendup of Victorian sexual hypocrisy, and is the best film of its era and genre. It was shot in 1972 using a then new 3-D technique. Only one lens, one made for a 35 mm camera, was available, so the entire film had to be shot with that single lens. Further, the lens manufacturer didn't provide proper instructions, and the film, which looked great on a small monitor viewing dailies, was way too far off on the two channels when viewed on a Wide screen. It took three years of optical processing to fix it. At the time the director (Vernon P. Becher) was looking for funding, he was not having much luck, until he said he was shooting it in 3-D. There were a couple of huge box office hits in 3-D at the time, and that got him his funding.

They used many practical locations, and most of the decoration and props were authentic Victorian. A young man (Ole Søltoft), son of very strict Victorian parents, is obsessed with sex, since he has been kept from it. After his parents die, he discovers that his father spent a good deal of time at a house of ill repute run by Diana Dors. After a crash course in sexuality using the Kama Sutra as a text and Dors' girls as lab partners, he discovered two thing -- photography, and the love of his life, Sue Longhurst. After inheriting money from a deceased uncle, he buys a new home, and converts a large room into a specially equipped seduction chamber. Meanwhile, Longhurst always brings her maid (Malou Cartwright) along, but Malou gets her own thing going with Ole's butler. To broaden the story, Jack the Ripper lives in hidden passages in the house.

The film was good enough that the MPAA allowed an R rated edit. It was shown in England under the name "What the Swedish Butler Saw," and this is the version being released on DVD. The DVD is called "The Groove Room" and the film has also been known as A Man with a Maid (the title of the Victorian erotic story it was based on), Victorian Fantasies, My Favorite Butler and Teenaged Tickle Girls. IMDb lists it as A Man with a Maid. Both Longstreet and Cartwright show everything, as do several women at Dors' establishment.

The DVD has both a 2-D and 3-D version, with four sets of glasses. The effect worked very well on my monitor. It also contains a featurette, and a commentary. IMDb readers have this at 5.2 of 10, which is high compared to normal scores for this genre. It is funny, well acted, inventive and looks great. As rare as it is for a film with extensive nudity, I am giving this a B-. It is not the typical male fantasy that is demeaning to women, and the story is entertaining enough that even those who usually would avoid adult films might like this one.

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  • Malou Cartwright (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36)
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    Normal Life (1995):

    I've never seen this film. I keep waiting for it to make it to DVD. But there is no reason to wait to see some film clips of Ashley Judd getting undressed and having sex! These aren't great quality, but we had nothin', so they are an improvement.



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    • Claudette Colbert in The Sigh of the Cross. Most people don't realize that there was a brief period of screen hedonism in the early 30s, before the adoption of the Hays Code. This was one of the most notorious films from the last pre-Hays years, with drug use and subtle nudity. (.avi zipped) (.wmv zipped).

    • Barbara Bach in Force Ten from Navarone. Incredibly enough, although this is a well-known film with some pretty big stars and a famous nude scene,  neither Tuna nor I has obtained the DVD and captured it. I don't think Tuna will let that slide! (.avi zipped) (.wmv zipped).

    • Penelope Cruz in Jamon, Jamon.  (.avi zipped) (.wmv zipped).





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    • Amanda Peet, topless in scenes from "Igby Goes Down" (2002). Not as cute as her toplessness in "The Whole Nine Yards", but still not too shabby.

    • Former "Law and Order" star Angie Harmon briefly showing her breasts in scenes from "Lawn Dogs" (1997).

    • The exotic and gorgeous Charlotte Lewis bares her big'uns in a scene from "Excessive Force" (1993).

    • Melora Walters, topless and baring her bum while bent over a table in a scene from "Cold Mountain" (2003).

    'Caps and comments by C2000:

    "Blueberry" (2004) This is the weirdest movie I have ever seen.

    A young guy sent to his uncle's ranch goes into town and loses his virginity to a girl who is then killed by a local criminal. The guy is injured, rescued by Indians and nursed back to health. He then engages in Indian rituals and makes weird noises. Then an unexplained jump forward in time to when the young guy has become Marshall and a bunch of people including the local criminal are chasing gold in the Indian reservation. Guy decides to stop them. That's when the movie became just too weird for me.

    Finally as a reward for those who suffered through the film Juliette Lewis does a totally gratuitous nude scene. It's too hairy and dark to make out the details but credit to Juliette as not many actresses do this type of scene.

    • Juliette Lewis, full frontal. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

    • Nichole Hiltz almost busting out of her clothes. Some folks may recognize her from her role as "Alien Jumpsuit Chick #2" in "Dude, Where's My Car?" (2000).

    • Vahina Giocante, the French actress bares breasts and bum in a love scene.

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    Paradise Falls season 2
    More previews from season 2 starting September 18 on Showcase. Most of the actresses are returning with the exceptions of Kim Schraner and Carla Collins. No nudity yet but close.

    • Chantal Quesnel: graduates from the hot tub to skinny dipping.
    • Cherilee Taylor graduates from outdoor nudity to outdoor sex.
    • Kim Poirier: first season nudity holdout but after season one was canceled she showed her boobs in three other movies. So expect more skin from her character in season two.
    • Michelle Latimer: graduates from the town goth girl to the town prostitute.
    • Danielle Hampton: newcomer is going to have lesbian relationship with Michelle Latimer.

    2004 Olympics
    Women's diving or the wet bathing-suit portion of the Greece Olympics. Here is who should have won Gold, Silver and Bronze.

    Night Man: episode People's Choice
    Singer Bif Naked is never naked but she does love showing off her tattoos.

    "The Assistant" (1997)
    A movie by the recently late director Daniel Petrie. Street Time actress Kate Greenhouse has a rare topless scene while being watched in the bathroom.

    "The Gambler" aka "La Partita" (1988)
    A euro movie worth watching for rare Jennifer Beals skin exposure and to see her in 17th century knickers.

    "Dirty Tricks" (1981)
    Elliot Gould/Kate Jackson comedy. No nudity as this is rated PG although Elliot Gould does show alot of fur.

    "Probable Cause" (1994)
    Michael Ironside/Kate Vernon cop drama about the investigation of a series of cop murders. The only nudity is by a British porn actress playing a stripper.

    • Kate Vernon: in lily-white bra and panties getting gang banged by a bunch of cops. Hey that's Dean Vernon Wormer's daughter you're messing with. Guess who the murderer is.
    • Michelle Thorn: boobs and buns as stripper.
    • Lisa McIntosh: cleavage as stripper
    • Candice Elzinga: a real life casting agent playing a hooker. A male casting agent would have played a pimp.

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "The Girl Next Door"
    If you watch this 2004 romantic comedy to see Elisha Cuthbert, a raft of other attractive young women (with a little nudity), and get a few laughs along the way, you're going to like this flick. If you're looking for more, you'll be disappointed.

    The plot is promising; a graduating high school senior falls in love with the 19 year old niece of his next door neighbor, newly arrived to housesit. Things go nicely until his friends recognize her as a porn star. Things get worse when her slimeball producer arrives to bring her back into the "business".

    Corny and fun with some very funny moments, just enjoy the sights in this lightweight entertainment and don't expect too much.

    Natalie Portman Another preview of Portman playing a stripper in scenes from the upcoming movie "Closer". Sorry gang, no nudity.

    Lisa Glaser
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

    Excellent toplessness and full frontal views from the 1980 horror/sci-fi flick "Humanoids from the Deep". 'Caps by the Skin-man.

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Something To Remember Her By - Battling ex's Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin are back in court. Alec is demanding she remove her furniture from their New York apartment, but she's refusing to leave until he gives back "a blown-up photo of undisclosed content." Alec's attorney would only say, "It is a very personal item."

  • So why does Alec have it?
  • I'm praying that it's a blown-up photo of HER undisclosed content, and not his.
  • Thank God, Alec is back in court...Otherwise, he'd be protesting naked at the Republican Convention.

    That's What Juries Are For! - Oprah Winfrey's fellow murder trial jurors appeared on her show Thursday. One revealed that Oprah asked the other jurors to sing whenever she went to the bathroom to drown out the noise. An embarrassed Oprah confirmed the story and recalled that one of the songs they sang was "Kumbaya."

  • All 236 verses.
  • When that didn't drown out the noise, they switched to Led Zeppelin.
  • No wonder they reached a verdict so quickly!
  • Hold on just a minute!...Oprah goes to the BATHROOM?!

    Mr. Plow - Farmers across Australia are investing in new tractors with GPS and hands-free auto-steering technology to help them plow and harvest crops, and it's had another unexpected benefit: it's improving their intimate relationships. Now that tractors practically drive themselves, farmers have started bringing their partners into the cabs and having sex while working. A GPS ag consultant says you've got the Mile High Club on planes, and now there's the auto sex club on auto-steer tractors.

  • It's the newest way to plant seed!
  • It's resulting in some really X-rated crop circles.
  • Now you can have sex in a tractor while a satellite takes pictures of you!
  • But if you get pregnant while plowing, you'll have "Children Of The Corn."

    Stop Meddling With Nature! - The Sun reports that scientists at the British skincare company Johnson Inc. have invented a towel that won't fall off when you wrap it around yourself. They say women like to wear a towel for a "sexy, just-out-of-the-shower feel," but it tends to fall off. Their new towel has a rough top edge to cling better and elastic inserts to help it stay put. In tests, the towel stayed in place while women did all the typical activities from brushing their hair to putting on deodorant.

  • Damn those scientists! Damn them TO HELL!!!
  • It stayed on the entire time she was in the bathroom: 4 hours.
  • How sexy can this towel be if it won't fall off?