Today's Images.
From ZonononZor
  • I need to apologize to Zon for forgetting about these for almost a week! He put together a collection of 5 wonderful scans of Adrienne Barbeau, and last week I didn't run them all. Sorry gang! I guess subliminally, I was holding out for some "Swamp Thing" vidcaps!
  • Adrienne Barbeau #2.
  • Odds N' Ends
  • Today I didn't have a true variety section per se, so I clumped all these together right here. Consider this to be like a mini, web version of "Night Gallery". Some of these stories are off the beaten path, some are scary, and others are very nice. Only you, the viewer, and Rod Serling of course, know exactly which category each image belongs to. So, submitted for your approval, here's our first image....This was something that caught my eye when I first saw it on TV. During an episode of "Xena: Warrior Princess" last season, there was a sequence when Gabrielle was facing her inner demon self, or some such psycho-therapy crap and had to kick her own but in a fight. Among other thing she also got soaking wet and caught on fire. Anyway, at one point she's on her belly, pounding away at the ground, and for a brief moment, she's buck naked. It's obviously a body double, but Attitude finally confirmed what I couldn't prove before...there was nudity! Here's Renee O'Connor and her stunt but.
  • Late one night while driving along a dark, narrow highway through the Louisiana swamp, a sudden detour forced Scoopy Jr. to take a road not found on any map...a road that led him straight into "The Twilight Zone". Actually, I think New Orleans is the real "Twilight Zone", especially around Mardi Gras time. This scan is thought to have come from good ol' Fat Tuesday. It's nobody famous, just interesting, topless body art. We simply refer to it as "Pups".
  • This next one is somebody famous, Kathleen Turner, but she looks like she just got off from working at the local sex toy shop. Not that I know what the people that work there look like! Never mind, I can't talk my way out of this one...Hi guys! I'll be in on Monday to pick up my order. Thanks to Se7en for these vidcaps.
  • From Magicman
  • These next two are 'caps from "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues". In the past few weeks, I've been sent a ton of clips from this film, and since I know all of the guys who have tried are excellent scanmasters, I'm guessing this is just a tough movie to work with. Well, at last, here are some worth showing off. It's still pretty fuzzy, but the best I've seen so far. This 'cap features all of the girls, but mostly it's showing off Lorraine Bracco sans pants.
  • Next, here's some breast exposure from Rain Phoenix. Talk about a family curse! All of the kids' names are silly, (for example, Rain Joan of Arc Phoenix), the most talented one is dead, and on top of that, poor Rain looks just like her brother. No, not River-the good looking one, but Joaquin!
  • Taking a trip back to the early 80's, here's Melanie Griffith from "Body Double".