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Life in Squares is a BBC-2 mini-series which aired this month. Phoebe Fox provided some bare flesh in episodes two and three.

Phoebe Fox in episode two

Phoebe Fox in episode three (nude in a photo)

I got a good laugh out of yesterday's Naked News, when a topless Whitney St John covered Jon Stewart's latest appearance in a rasslin' event.

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"Orange is the New Black"


season three


Alysia Reiner

Hell on Wheels



Johnny's comments:

For today's update it's from the US cable TV show Hell On Wheels, a western TV show about the building of cross-country railroad and mainly about one of its major participants in it. Robin McLeavy plays a prostitute who marries a free man, has a kid, gives it up and when her husband disappears, she is left to fend for herself including becoming a gambler for a while. I caught onto this show by accident, mainly because I caught the scene below where she is in the forest late one night on TV, recognised it was Robin and thought I should cap that at some stage. So, from the start of this year I've watched the first 4 series off Bluray and caught up with the fifth series currently airing in America. I've also watched the first few episode of series 5 and Robin doesn't appear in the first three episodes, but turns up in episode 4 with her character now the madam at the brothel. I'm a bit lukewarm on Hell On Wheels in general, it hasn't captured my interest all that much, but I will say that I really enjoyed series 3 and 4. Series 1 and 2, I can barely remember. It's OK, but if it wasn't for Robin, I'd probably give the show a miss...

Robin's break out role was as 'Princess' in the excellent The Loved Ones, but she was also good in long forgotten 48 Shades. Heh, I also remember her blink and you'll miss her spot of Last Man Standing that was 10 years ago now. With series 5 being the last season of Hell On Wheels, hope we'll see her in more overseas stuff in the future.

Below are collages from the first 4 series of the show. Not really anything to cap from what I've seen of series 5 so far.

This week we have movies from the 70s and early 80s:


Blood Sucking Freaks

Blood Sucking Freaks aka "The Incredible Torture Show" (1976) has lots of nakedness by a number of women:

Arlana Blue

Helen Thompson and Ellen Faison

Illa Howe

Jennifer Stock

Jenny Baxter

Joann Sterling

Lynette Sheldon

Viju Krem


TV/Film Clips

Stacy Martin (and others) in Il racconto dei racconti (2015)

Carla Quevedo in Affluenza (2014)

A younger Carla Quevedo in El Secreto De Sus Ojos (2009) in 1080hd


The latest social media post from Chelsea Handler


And the latest nudity from Candice Swanepoel