TV Round Up

"Strike Back" is the first action series produced by Cinemax. The first season of this series appeared exclusively on Sky in Europe, but Cinemax joined the team for season two, which is airing now. The series was modified by having an American character team up with the British anti-terrorism team and by upping the budget to include more explosions. One of the stars said, "It's boys being boys, killing bad guys, blowing shit up, stealing cars and jumping out of choppers."

Oh, yeah, and fuckin' ...

Orla O'Rourke (s2e3, see below)


"Chemistry" is another original series from Cinemax, but this one is more like what you would expect from the network commonly known as "Skinemax." Although it incorporates erotic content, Chemistry also features some mainstream performers like Chad Everett and Sally Kellerman. Yeah, I know you are thinking, "Are they both still alive?" Well, they may not be on the A-list now, but their names are still associated with mainstream entertainment, not soft-core porn. S1e1.

Ana Alexander (see below)

Ragan Brooks (see below)


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.




"The L Word"

Season 4

Episode 12

Katherine Moennig, 960x528. See below.



El Crimen del Padre Amaro


Ana Claudia Talancon. New higher-quality videos. (Older collages below to act as thumbnails)

"Underbelly: Razor"


Now with 720p videos

Anna McGahan

Danielle Cormack


Film Clips

Samples below each unless otherwise noted.

Laetitia Casta in Derriere les murs (2011)

Katherine Porto in El Jefe: La Pelicula (2011)

Carole Brana in Red Nights (2009)

Kotone Amaniya in Red Nights (2009)

Frederique Bel in Red Nights (2009)

Andrea Riseborough in The Devil's Whore (2008)

Moira Kelly and Sheryl Lee in Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me (1992) in 1080p

(No thumbnails for Twin Peaks)

Sheryl Lee goes solo in Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me (1992) in 1080p

Pamela Gidley in Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me (1992) in 1080p

Bettina Giovannini in Voices from Beyond (1991)

Karina Huff in Voices from Beyond (1991)

Camille Keaton in Tragic Ceremony (1972)

Naoko Watanabe. Not sure when this was filmed, but the Dragon Ball girl did a lot of erotica in the past.



Elena Anaya, the popular Spanish actress, gets nekkid in public with her girlfriend

Andrea Garcia. She's in the popular Mexican series "Triunfo de Amor."

Andreia Horta in four episodes of "Alice," a 2008 Brazilian series. She was the star.

Gabrielle Lopez in two episodes of "Alice"

Luka Omoto in "Alice"

Denise Weinberg in "Alice"

Katie Holmes in The Gift (2000), in case you had forgotten how gorgeous she was

Laura Mae Tate in Dead Space (1991).