Today's Images.
From Don Bun
  • As I've mentioned before, Don has a new DVD. In fact, I believe he was our first contributor to submit DVD 'caps. Luckily, he hasn't stopped yet! Don Bun 'capped these next two, crystal clear images from the cable show "Erotic Confessions", episode "At the Tone". Here's Kim Dawson.
  • Next up from "At the Tone", Kimberly Farina. As a bonus, she's partially in bondage. Woo-Hoo!
  • Along with new images of all of our favorite bimbos and starlets, Don has also been refreshing the classics. Most recently he produced new, perfectly clear, and smaller file size images of Natasha Henstridge from "Species". This is actually the last of the bunch. If you missed the rest, you can find them in the back issues from this past weekend.
  • From Rookie
  • Despite his name, Rookie isn't. He's been sending us great vidcaps for quite a while now. Today we have three images of a little known B-movie babe, Kimberly Rowe.
  • All of these vidcaps of Kimberly are from the movie "Rumble in the Streets". It's a remake of the 1990 Christina Applegate movie "Streets". The original was a decent movie about runaways living in Venice, California, being threatened by a psycho, prostitute-killing cop. The remake was filmed in Ft. Worth, Texas. Good call guys, film on the gritty streets of suburbia! I've been to Ft Worth a bunch of times, and it's one of the nicest, cleanest, and safest metropolitan areas in the U.S. You can actually walk through about 90% of down town at 3am and not fear for you life!
  • Kimberly Rowe from "Rumble in the Streets" #3.
  • From Elliffen Graphix
  • Elliffen is another long time contributor who in fact, just recently returned to the vidcap game after a one of those unfortunate distractions got in the way. What are they called again? Jobs? Anyway, Elliffen is constantly in the running for the coveted "Straight-to" award for outstanding vidcapping of cable or video only releases. I promise, the actual award is coming, just as soon as I have more time to finish designing it! But until then, here are three more 'caps, from an only seen on cable movie. Today's bimbo...Shannah Laumeister.
  • Shannah Laumeister #2.
  • Shannah Laumeister #3. All of Elliffen's vidcaps today come from the erotic cable show "Women: Stories of Passion". More specifically, from the episode "Little Vampire".
  • From Sisyphus
  • Next up, here's an actress and a vidcap from Sisyphus of the very sexy Linda Fiorentino from the movie "The Last Seduction".
  • From Valentino
  • Our next section features another long timer...Valentino has been with us for a while, and has consistently produced tremendous work! As a bonus, he's really been on a roll lately, sending out not only great images, but tons of them. Today we have three high quality scans of Laetitia Casta. Some of these have been around for a while, but personally, I can't say no to scans of this incredibly sexy, French super model. If for no other reason, unlike most other models, she has a chest!
  • This mostly nude scan is one I haven't seen before. I guess you might call it Laetitia of Arabia.
  • Finally from Val, a great collage Laetitia Casta.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Just to clarify, our variety section is one of my favorites. When I'm selecting images for the day, I set aside this part of the Fun House for the pics that I really like, but that don't fit into any categories. Hopefully that will explain why we have great work from very talented and loyal contributors stuffed here at the bottom of the page. It's because I only had one image from each of these guys to show! So gus, don't get mad at me! First up here's Angelina Jolie from the movie "Gia". These come to us from CHUD. As far as I know, CHUD has no ties to the carnivorous sewer mutants from the movie, but then again, I've never met him, so he may be a politician after all. : )    Seriously, he makes great vidcaps!
  • Our final image of the day comes from Magicman. Magicman pretty much exclusively dwells within the realm of busty bimbo erotic b-movies. Well, it's good to have a specialty! His work is always high quality, and has become a very welcome addition to the Fun House. Here's a prime example of his style...This is Justina Vail from the movie "Naked Souls".