TV Round-Up

Is Strike Back on every day now? Yesterday was the air date for s3e3. Today s3e4 hit HBO-Go

Minimal nudity from Laetitia Eido

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Catch the deluxe the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


The Whole Nine Yards

2000 (wow - has it really been 12 years?)

1080p clips of Amanda Peet

British TV shows

A potpourri of women on British television.

"The Graham Norton Show"

Series 7 Episode 10 (2010)

Graham Norton is one of the better tonight show hosts and there is an upskirt by Amanda Holden.

"Robin's Nest"

Series 4 Episode 1: "Should Auld Aquaintance" (1979)

Sue Bond, who I know better from The Benny Hill Show, is in her underwear.

"Ruth Rendell Mysteries"

Series 11 Episode 1: "The Going Wrong" (1998)

Josephine Butler is naked but everything is hidden.

S11 E8: "The Lake of Darkness" (1999)

Sadie Frost is in her underwear.

"The Professionals"

Series 1 Episode 2: "The Female Factor" (1978)

Felicity Dean - sexy in a bikini

Pamela Salem - naked but nothing is visible

Series 1 Episode 3: "Old Dog with New Tricks" (1978)

Pamela Stephenson - in her underwear

Sammie Winmill - lovely

Series 1 Episode 4: "Killer with a Long Arm" (1978)

Suzanne Danielle - in her underwear

Series 3 Episode 6: "Fugitive" (1980)

Brigitte Kahn - pokies

Vickery Turner - pokies

Series 3 Episode 8: "Slush Fund" (1980)

Lynda Bellingham - a bit of see-through when her t-shirt gets wet

Series 3 Episode 9: "Weekend in the Country" (1980)

Jacqueline Reddin - pokies

Series 3 Episode 10: "Take Away" (1980)

Ann Coombs - a brief nipple

Series 5 Episode 8: "The Untouchables" (1983)

Imogen Bickford-Smith - in her underwear

Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy


This movie is alot like Trainspotting except for the Canadian ex-pat chicks hanging out with Scottish men with very thick accents.

Olivia Andrup: nude scene.

Kristin Kreuk: not very nude sex scene.

"Hell On Wheels"

episode: "Durant, Nebraska" (s2e02)

Canadian singer Joelle Kupin steals the scene as a prostitute who sings a bawdy song so dirty it would have made any hip-hop artist blush.

Joelle Kupin: boob almost falling out of dress.


episode: "Surving Death" (s1e01)

New series which is a cross of 1870s "Gangs of New York" and the modern "CSI: New York". But the "steampunk" angle of a 19th century police  detective using modern forensic techniqures has already been done on Murdoch Mysteries.

Tanya Fischer: side boob.

Franka Potente: cleavage.

Inga Cadranel: cleavage


"The L.A. Complex"

episode: "Rules of Thirds" (s2e06)

Very light episode.

Georgina Reilly: very nice cleavage in brassiere.

"Saving Hope"

episode: "A New Beginning" (s1e10)

This series has been renewed for season 2.

Wendy Crewson: still sexy after all these years.

"This Is the Law"

tv series

Despite a 5 year run on the CBC during the early 1970s only a couple of short clips exist on YouTube.

Valri Bromfield: sexy as supporting player.

The Night of Scarlet Terror


This indie horror is billed as the "ultimate psycho-sexual psychedelic nightmare!" but it doesn't appear to have found a distributor or even
to have ben screened at all. All that exists is an official blog not updated since 2006, a movie trailer and an image gallery.

Irina Lyubchenko: sexy as dominatrix.

 Libby Tofach: topless tied up hankster style.

 Shantelle Canzanese: topless.

Beth Gondek: sexy.

An Officer and A Murderer

(2012 TV movie; trailer)

Like Karla this true crime movie about a Canadian serial rapist won't be airing in Canada anytime soon. In the colllage the first brunette is Micheline Marchildon, the first blonde is Lisa Ciara and the second blonde Kristina Pesic.


(2013; trailer)

Another horror to look out for. 

collage: Emily Alatalo & Jennifer Polansky.

The last time they both appeared together in Neverlost they both got nekkid.

The Sorcerer

(2007 short)

This musical short stars soprano singer Tracy Smith Bessette who appears in many sensual plays including "A Synonym For Love" which is currently running in Toronto.

Tracy Smith Bessette: implied nude and in panties in fuzzy youtube video
but some behind-the-scenes photos are beter quality.



Much nudity in this movie but not by Canadian ex-pat Kate Kelton who's in the crime-drama television series "Bullet in the Face" on the obscure IFC network.

Kate Kelton: brassiere having fully clothed sex.

Cleaning up my hard drive...

Marie-Eve Lariviere: Montreal comedienne in knickers from demo reel.

Hunter Phoenix: sexy as hostess on HGTV network (Home Gardening TV).

Noot Seear: international nudie supermodel is from Canada.

Pussy Riot

Under-reported in the Western media is that one of the members while fully pregnant participated in a nude protest orgy at a Russian museum. She's Nadezhda Tolokonnikova while with the obscure band Voina and she has dual Canadian-Russian citizenship. She was so pregnant at the time she gave birth a few days afterwards.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova: pregnant as a guppy but showing only her swollen
milk-laden breasts.

Fuzzy and censored youtube video

plus better quality stills.

Film/TV Clips

Martina Gusman in Elefante Blanco (2012)

Trinidad Gonzalez in Bonsai (2011)

Nathalia Galgani, also in Bonsai

Gabriela Arancibia, also in Bonsai


Lucy Lawless in Spartacus Vengeance, s2e1

Natasa Miljus in The Life and Death of a Porno Gang (2009)

Ana Acimovic, also in The Life and Death of a Porno Gang