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Boogie Nights


in extreme HD! (1920x800)

Julianne Moore film clips (See below)


Heather Graham film clips (See below)



Nicole Ari Parker film clip (See below)

Summer and Skye film clip (See below)



Death in Brunswick


Johnny's comments:

Death in Brunswick is a early 90s comedy about a 30-something man (Sam Neill) who starts a new job as a cook at a shady club (the old Bombay Rock for those who remember that, I'm too young, but I've heard stories...) and meets a 19 year-old waitress (a clearly older than nineteen Zoe Carides) and they fall in love against her family wishes. Then everything goes wrong for the man when he accidentally kills the other cook and his friends take revenge on the club by bombing it, not long after being fired and out the front of the place at the time. Pretty good comedy that uses Brunswick circa 1990 extremely well and has some very funny moments including the 'Piss off, it's school holidays' scene and of course, the farting corpse. I wish they made Australian films more like this today...

Zoe Carides film clips

The collages are below:


The Dark Room


Johnny's comments:

The Dark Room is an extremely obscure early 80s thriller about a fey arts student whose father accuses him of being gay (ah, gay paranoia, those were the days) but we know better as he is stalking a wannabe actress (Anna Maria Monticelli) to the point that he ends up getting a job at the same place as she is working. But, the reason he is stalking her is even more disturbing as it turns out she is having an affair with his father. He befriends her, including shooting her portrait photos and eventually attempting to bed her. But, he is obsessed with his father's affair and it will be his undoing. A film that seems to try for more, but is hindered by a by-the numbers plot. Also, the film briefly features Baz Luhrmann when he was an actor, before he became a big time director.

Anna Maria Monticelli film clips

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Gemma Arterton in The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Ashlynn Brooke in Piranha 3D (cam quality)

Kelly Brook in Piranha 3D (cam quality)

Lisa Glaser in Humanoids from the Deep


Linda Shayne in Humanoids from the Deep

Lynn Theel in Humanoids from the Deep

Sandrine Bonnaire in Police

Britney Spears

Irina Shayk


Some of the all-time nudity classics, presented by Sledge (samples below each):

Sharon Stone and Vanity (far right below) in Action Jackson

 Laetitia Casta in Gitano

Penelope Cruz in La Nina de Tus Ojos

I guess it's Julianne Moore day. Here she is in The End of the Affair