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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








The Dreamers


Eva Green 1920x1080 film clips - part 8


One more to go, and you'll have the entire set in Blu-Ray resolution









he Time Machine returns to the Demoniacs. Joellee Coeur is back but not for long as her lover massages her breasts and then strangles her.

Patricia Hermenier & Lieva Lone with a little full frontal.

Patricia shows off her boobs.

Lieva Lone with her cute little 'Tiny Tots".

3 film clips of Patricia & Lieva.

Tomorrow we wrap up "Demoniacs" with a "Babe in Bondage" fest, which will also include the video of Joelle's death scene.





TV Land

Over in TV Land Natalie Morales and Courtney Hazlett with a leg & thigh show. on "Today". Caps and a HD clip









August is almost over, and that means the French are getting back to the rhythm of life. Dafoe is back, and he'll be presenting film clips for the next several days.

Claire Keim in Eternelle, in HD

Lea Drucker in Suite Noir, in HD

Clemence Faure in Tchernobyl








Jane Adams in this week's Hung

She hasn't really changed all that much since her last nude scene, even though it was eight years ago, in The Anniversary Party.

She also flashed a little bit of butt in the pilot of the Hung series

Jennifer Tilly - her face has not aged so well, and her thighs are out of control

but - oh, those boobs! (great quality photo, by the way)



Film Clips

Jordan Ladd and Gabrielle Rose in Grace (2009)

Juliette Cummins in Deadly Dreams (1988). This will probably be new to your eyes. The film has never come to DVD.

Molly Parker in Kissed (1996). Already a legendary scene. Full frontal nudity from Molly as she fucks a corpse. She was 23 or 24 at the time.

This will probably be new to your eyes as well, if only because it comes from deep within the  vault of obscurity. Kareen Shroeter in Und naechstes Jahr am Balaton (1980)

Maria Ozawa in Invitation Only. (2009, Taiwan)

Maribel Verdu full frontal nudity in Goya in Bordeaux. (1999)

Marisa Mell and Elsa Martinelli in Una sull'altra, a classic Lucio Fulci giallo from 1969.