Spaz has corrected his IDs, as follows: "Holly Eglington is the topless woman; Julia Sandberg is bottomless; Michaela Mann is in the blue top; and Lucie Guest shows bethonged buns while eating out Holly."

(Julia and Lucie were reversed in the previous ID.)



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Poison Ivy III: The New Seduction


This threequel features Jamie Pressly as Ivy's sister Violet, come back to seduce and murder the entire family, the maid, the pets, and all the houseplants. Seems her mom, Athena Massey, was caught screwing the pool boy by the father of the house, who assumed he was the only one doing Massey. When his wife also catches them, she kicks them out, which ruined all three of their lives. Violet is back for revenge, and poor Megan Edwards is just too naive a poor little rich kid to know she is being had.

It is no wonder that this went straight to video. The nudity is lovely, and the plot is no worse than many of the softcores I watch, but it is essentially just another softcore. It might have been a better watch had they found a way to keep Violet's intentions in doubt until further in the film, and Pressly's character is way too obvious in the way she seduces, with no subtlety or finesse. In other words, "Stick your bare boobs in a man's face, and his dick will follow."

IMDb: 4.4.

Jaime Pressly gets naked as often as possible, and seduces anything that walks.

Athena Massey shows breasts in the opening scene








Father's Affair


From "Father's Affair" aka "De Passievrucht" we have Carice van Houten who shows off the tits and a very brief flash of bush.




Fox News (???!!!)


Another "News Babe" today as we have the gorgeous gams of Courtney Friel of "Fox News".




Notes and collages

Personal Best


Olympic Fever, anyone?

Mariel Hemingway, pre-implants, in one of the best films dedicated to female athletics, perhaps THE best.








The Coca-Cola Kid


Greta Scacchi film clips. Collages below.









If you're a fan of Dexter, the lovable serial killer, you may also like Anna Carter, the "heroine" of the 2007 thriller Juncture. Anna is also a serial killer for lofty reasons, although she's much less lovable. In fact, star Kristine Blackport portrays Anna as a wooden and somewhat emotionless person, but perhaps there's a good reason for that, as Anna has only three months to live.

Anna is a successful young businesswoman heading a private charitable foundation when she finds out she has terminal brain cancer, with no chance for recovery. She decides to right some wrongs by seeking out and killing people who have committed terrible crimes for which they will not be punished.

I'm not a big fan of the way Anna was portrayed, but regardless, the story isn't bad, and if you like it, you'll have two more chances as this film was supposedly the first in a trilogy. That will also explain the way it ended, done but not yet finished.

Kristine Blackport

















Supermodel Elsa Benitez caught by the paparazzi while she is stark naked, shaved, legs open.

Another Benitez, Spanish olympian Jennifer, caught adjusting her suit on camera.

Hayden Panettiere falling out of her swimsuit

Sophie Guiellemin in L'Ennui