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Blue Steel

1989, 1920x1080

Jamie Lee Curtis

continuing with the films of the early 2000s

Embrace the Darkness 3

Plenty of naked and sexy women in Embrace the Darkness 3 (2002) by:

Allison Beal

Chelsea Blue

Holly Hollywood

Mia Zottoli

Sasha Rochelle

Tiffany Shepis

Some not identified, although I’m pretty sure two of them are Flower Edwards and Bevely Lynne.

Louder Than Bombs

Johnny's comments:

Louder Than Bombs is a drama where a family is still coming to terms with the death of their wife/mother (Isabelle Huppert) four years later when an article about her life's work as a war photographer and her death is about to be published. Her school teacher husband Gene (Gabriel Byrne) has moved on with fellow teacher Hannah (Amy Ryan), but he hasn't told his youngest son Conrad (Devin Druid) and that's not the only thing he hasn't told him. Conrad is a moody, withdrawn teenage boy trying to fit in and has a crush on a cheerleader clearly out of his league. His older brother Jonah (Jesse Eisenberg) has just become a father and while at the hospital he runs into a former girlfriend Erin (Rachel Brosnahan) whose mother has just died. Jonah decided to come home to help with the exhibition of his mother's photos, but in reality he's struggling with coming to terms with being a father and is avoiding it. Over a week or so, Gene attempts to connect with his sons as they remember their mother, but it's a lot harder than he expected.

OK movie about a family coming to terms with the loss of their mother/wife and how it happened, but I thought that by the end, it didn't really reveal much or have anything major happen. It all seems so anti-climatic with barely anything gained or learned. Kinda pointless.

Rachel Brosnahan 1080hd film clip (collage below)

TV/Film Clips

Kira Davies in Remedy (2013)

Megumi Kagurazaka and Makoto Togashi in Koi No Tsumi (2011)



Moira Kelly in Daybreak (1993)