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in extreme HD! (1920x1080)

This is one of a multi-part series of HD nudity from Dexter.

Today: s2e7

Jaime Murray film clips (See below)



Naomi Campbell appears to be pantiless

Sharon Stone in $5. She was 83 years young. (OK, maybe 50)

Annette O'Toole in Cross My Heart. She had a good career and is still working, especially in theater, but it always seemed to me that she should have been more popular than she actually was. She was beautiful, had a great body, was musical, was liked by her co-workers, and seemed very sympathetic on screen, but could never seem to move up to leading lady status, except in this film. She's married to either Lenny or Squiggy, whichever was the tall blond one.




Somebody came across a version of Powder Blue in 1080p with a slightly different aspect ratio. There is a little bit more of Jessica Biel's breast visible. Here's the clip. Sample below.

Julie Boewe in Die Besucherin. Sample below

Sylvana Krappatsch in Die Besucherin. Sample below.

Valeria Marini double feature: Bambola and Bunuel y la mesa de rey Salomon

Sydne Rome in Que? (AKA "Diary of Forbidden Dreams") This is probably Roman Polanski's worst film, and it's very bad indeed, as you'll see in the long clip. Oddly enough, this crap was the last film he made before his masterpiece, Chinatown.

The women of And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself: Alexa Davalos and Lilia Zilinna

The women of Roadhouse 66: Kate Vernon and Kaaren Lee

Linda Kozlowski in Backstreet Justice

Janel Maloney in Brotherhood, s2e6