I think the most entertaining way to describe Malicious is to do so in the form of a guessing game. I'm going to write out the entire storyline, and you see if you can name another film (an earlier, more famous one) with the exact same plot.

A laid-back, small-town hero up in the Pacific Northwest hopes to make it in the big time in San Francisco. He's lonely one night and ends up being cornered into a one-night stand with a local woman who is a fan of his. She turns out to be more than a fan. She is obsessed with him, and we come to realize that she is also stark raving mad. After their time together, she constructs an imaginary relationship with him and carries on as if the relationship were real. She often drops in unexpectedly, acting as if she were expected.

The situation worsens when the man's regular girlfriend returns to the area, and the stalker becomes livid with jealousy. The madwoman does everything she can to poison the couple's relationship, and even tries to kill him, but he narrowly escapes. The man then comes to realize that the stalker may try to kill his girlfriend. The situation comes to a head when the man realizes that his girlfriend's new roommate is ... the stalker, using a different name!

He rushes through San Francisco to his girlfriend's apartment, and finds that an investigating policeman has been already been murdered there. The stalker then attacks our hero with a knife. The climax of the film occurs when our hero is lucky enough to land a hard blow to the knife-wielding psychopath, causing her to fall from an upper story to her death below.


Have you locked in your guess?



The answer is that Malicious is the grade-B rip-off of ... (suspenseful music) ... Play Misty For Me.

There are some differences, of course. Just enough to avoid any lawsuits. For example, the hero in Play Misty for Me is a small-time Carmel DJ hoping to break through to a major station in the San Francisco area, while the hero in Malicious is a small-college baseball player in Vancouver trying to land a spot with the San Francisco Giants. Apart from that, the most significant variations revolve around some flashbacks and background material which explain why the stalker is so crazy.

Malicious has some problems, besides being derivative. One important scene transition seems to need a connecting scene, and the characterizations offer little more than the genre's usual by-the-numbers cardboard cut-outs to drive the plot along. Patrick McGaw lacks any spark, brings nothing memorable to the lead role, and takes the concept of laid-back to the extreme in a low-octane performance. His performances in the batters' box also ring false. McGaw is small, doesn't take a very powerful cut, and is completely unconvincing as a power hitter with major league potential. The only major leaguer he could play convincingly would be Eddie Gaedel. McGaw isn't the only problem with the baseball scenes, which are totally boring in general, and mostly just show the batter, catcher, and umpire from a pitcher-cam.

The film wasn't exactly a springboard to success. Patrick McGaw disappeared from the TV/film world about six years ago. The film's director, Ian Courson, never directed again. The film's writer had no further credits at IMDb. Finally, Molly Ringwald never could achieve a level of adult stardom to match her popularity as a teen icon in the mid eighties.

The world's DVD producers were not exactly competing to issue this 1995 film, which finally made it to a Region 1 disk in August of 2007, and they probably had good reasons to doubt its commercial potential, but despite its flaws Malicious is not a totally awful movie. It has some moments of suspense, and Molly Ringwald does a pretty good job in the Jessica Walter role as the stalker. Ringwald also showed off her curves in a topless scene, and surprised just about everyone at the time with her large, firm breasts. Who knew?

If there were a good version of this film on the DVD, Malicious would be a C- on our scale rather than a lower grade because genre lovers might enjoy it if they have not seen too many similar movies, and nudity lovers will almost surely enjoy the one and only good look at Molly Ringwald's impressive breasts! Unfortunately, the newly-issued DVD seems like a leftover from the 1990s. There are no features at all, and there's no widescreen version. Worse still, the full frame rendering is a sometimes clumsy pan-n-scan effort which occasionally seems to be missing such vital details as the sides of heads. Even if you've been waiting for this film, you'll be disappointed if you add it to your collection. If curiosity gets the best of you, either rent it or wait for it to hit the bargain bin.

Final grade for this version: D+ - not recommended.

Molly Ringwald



Rise is a genre hybrid created by crossing a vampire movie with a Charles Bronson revenge film. Lucy Liu plays a reporter on the trail of a mysterious cult which ends being a vampire group. They promptly kill her and drink all of her blood, a double coup which not only puts a stop to her investigation, but also simultaneously meets 100% of their daily vitamin requirements.

Turns out that death just pisses her off! It seems that she has the necessary will or genetic structure or susceptibility to vampirism, or whatever bullshit explanation the script comes up with, and she gets turned into one of the undead, with an assist from a female vampire who helps to "turn" Lucy for her own purposes when the chief vampire is not paying attention.

Lucy wakes up in the morgue, kicks her way free, and resumes her life. After feeling the craving for blood and subsequently killing a few drifters, however, she starts to get the feeling that the whole vampire lifestyle is really not for her, so she sets out to destroy the entire tribe of vampires who cursed her to this life which is not a life. After being trained by a rogue vampire, she sets out on a mission to kill the evil nightcrawlers with a magical vampire-killing crossbow. (Surprisingly there is no waiting period to buy one. Bless the NRA. Or maybe the NCA.)

The description does sound lame, but I found myself liking it. You have to measure a film like this by the quantity and appeal of its guilty pleasures, and Rise stacks up nicely. It's fun to watch, even if (like me) you don't like the whole throat-slitting, flesh-eating vampire ambience.

Several reasons I found it appealing.

1) A nice bit of "mismatched buddy" action between Lucy Liu and Michael Chiklis, as a tough cop who  arrests her because she did, after all, kill a whole bunch of vampires, and he doesn't know they were vampires. He thinks he's caught a serial killer. Of course, she doesn't stay caught, but once Liu and Chiklis learn and believe each other's stories, they team up to take on the chief vampire.

2) A lot of fun cameos by a great variety of people ranging from Robert Forster to Marilyn Manson to ... Nick Lachey.

3) The chief vampire is a fairly entertaining evil mastermind, ala a Bond villain.

4) A surprisingly solid performance from Lucy Liu, who moved easily through the action scenes and remained natural and convincing throughout the dramatic moments.

4) Some great topless nudity from Cameron Richardson, and some copious (if too coy) toplessness from Lucy Liu in four different scenes!

5) Entertaining over-the-top comic book violence, in the manner of a Frank Miller work.

6) A sense of humor.

Here's my most telling remark: I enjoyed the 95 minute R-rated version so much that I went immediately online and ordered the 122 minute unrated version, which streets in October. And I don't even like vampire movies!

 Very high C, possibly even a C+. Not a genre classic, but not far off. 6.5 at IMDb.

Lucy Liu (four film clips)




Cameron Richardson (film clip)





* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.











The black son of a white mother had been on the fast track to riches and fame in a computer company when a venture capitalist screwed him and forced him out of the company. After years of travel, he returns to New York. When he discovers that his mother was laid off without benefits essentially for not sleeping with her boss, he gets an idea. He puts up a surveillance camera, and tapes the boss screwing his secretary on his office desk, after leading her to believe that this was her path to a bonus.

Byrd then places the film on the Internet. The idea works so well that he decides it might be a good way to right a lot of social wrongs. A female graduate student agrees, makes him the subject of her thesis, and takes an active part in running the project, suggesting a section where viewers can upload their own similarly-themed videos.

The establishment, naturally, is less than thrilled, and when one of Byrd' targets finally recognizes him, the feds are on his tail.

Confess is a small budget film that works, for several reasons. It has a unique idea, a tight script which won a screenplay award, and a very good cast (Eugene Byrd won a breakout acting award from Method Fest). The plot points having to do with computers are well researched and plausible, and the film raises a myriad of interesting questions about corporate and government morals in modern society and the use of technology in political influence peddling.

The result is that it's a excellent small film, heartily endorsed.

Scoop's notes:

Confess caused quite a buzz at The Hamptons two years ago, when it received a nod for the best screenplay, and also presented Ali Larter naked - allegedly - according to more than one person who saw it at that festival. The film failed to find a distributor, so we have been waiting patiently for two years to see Ali's big scene, As you can determine from Tuna's review above and the pictures beneath, if there ever was an Ali Larter nude scene, it did not make it to the DVD.

  • This is a high C+, the highest grade our system offers to non-marketable films, and the indication of an excellent niche film with a solid cult following, as supported by the screenplay award and the 7.4 at IMDb.




Jill Simon, as the secretary, shows breasts on a surveillance camera as her boss does her doggy style on his desk.










Two "Babes in Bondage" today, but they are as different as different can be.


First just for fun is Heather Graham in "Bowfinger" fully clothed and some leg and cleavage too.





Mark of the Devil

Then the Time Machine goes all the way back to 1970 for the notorious "Mark of the Devil". Gaby Fuchs shoes breasts as she is viciously tortured in most of the nasty way Brave Sir Robin feared. She has her tongue pulled out before being burned to death. Not for the kiddies.









Notes and collages

The January Man

In her physical prime, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio shone in all her pre-Raphaelite beauty in this thriller/dark comedy.









A Mexican movie that copies the "Disclosure" story. A man sues his new boss for sexual harassment and she says the contrary, but as in "Disclosure" everything was taped.

A sad copy you can call this, The twists at the end are different, but that still doesn't make it worth watching.



Ana Arevalo


Marta Acuna










¿Quién puede juzgar a 10 chicas, casi adolescentes, del Este de Europa que quieren buscar un futuro mejor en Bélgica? Nadie, incluso aunque sea aceptando un contrato muy sospechoso de unos hombres que les ofrecen una vida de glamour como bailarinas de una compañía, incluso aunque les adviertan de que esos hombres lo que pretenden en realidad es prostituirlas. Sólo quieren una vida mejor, aunque puede que el viaje que inician vaya directo a un infierno del que no podrán escapar.

Esto es Matrioshki, la cruda, terrible, pero realista historia de un puñado de chicas arrancadas de sus hogares con mentiras y condenadas a ser esclavas sexuales por una despiadada banda de delincuentes que no tienen el menor problema por traficar con mujeres, obligarlas a prostituirse e, incluso, matarlas. A lo largo de los 10 episodios de Matrioshki, acompañaremos a estas jóvenes en su viaje hacia el infierno.


Ten Eastern European girls, barely past adolescence, take a chance on a better future in Belgium, even though it involves being bound by a very suspicious contract to men who offer a glamorous life as dancers, but intend to force them into prostitution.

This is Matrioshki, the crude and horrifying but realistic history of a handful of girls uprooted from their homes with lies and turned into sex slaves by ruthless criminals who would not hesitate to kill them. Throughout the 10 episodes of Matrioshki, we will accompany these young people on their trip towards a hell from which they may not be able to escape.



Capítulo 4 / Chapter 4


Eugenia Hirivskaya


Mila Lipner




Matrioshki is a Flemish series, and ICMS, now an occasional contributor, once a daily fixture on the page, is our resident expert on all things Flemish. Here are his thoughts on Flauti's Matrioshki caps from the first three chapters:

Hello dear Scoopy !

Flauti is doing a tremendous job by correctly identifying all those Russian and Lithuanian girls from Matrioshki (original Flemish title Matroesjka's), probably the only Flemish series that has made it onto TV screens in other parts of Europe other than Flanders.

The one girl that remained unknown is Flemish actress/TV presenter Saar(tje) Vandendriessche. You can check it through the IMDb where you will also find a link to her website. For the past couple of years she is concentrating on her presenting job at public TV channel Een. If you go to their website ( and click on Vlaanderen Vakantieland you can see her in action. Unfortunately not like in Flauti's beautiful collages. For those interested: the series is available in a Region 2 PAL box set for the Dutch and Flemish markets and should have English subtitles. It is priced just under 25 euros (mediadis).

Please keep up the good work, Flauti!

Yours faithfully,


Scoop's note:

Unfortunately, Flauti's contributions are made at least ten days in advance of publication. This series is already on my hard drive, so the pics will appear labeled "unknown" for the rest of the series. But we do certainly appreciate the information!









A computer-generated Jolie does a topless scene in Beowulf.
The paparazzi catch Anna Faris with her bum hanging out below the line of her "shorts," which actually look like jammies.

Jennifer Aniston learns to surf

A true HD (1080p) film clip of Michelle Monaghan and Robert Downey Jr, in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This thing is humongous, but the quality is sublime. If you have a plasma screen or something like that, this is your baby.

Two film clips of Juliette Lewis as the world's least likely stripper in Too Young to Die. There's no nudity. It was a TV movie and Juliette, playing a 15-year-old runaway, was only 16 herself when it was made. Superstar Brad Pitt co-stars, but this film was made a year before Thelma and Louise and Pitt was then a 26-year-old unknown.