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Video clips: Nicole Kidman, Part 2 of ?

I have nothing more to say about Stanley Kubrick's swan-song Eyes Wide Shut. Tuna and I said our pieces at the Movie House page. The movie may be great or it may suck, but the nudity is copious and is phenomenally well photographed. So there's that. How much can you complain about a movie that has Kidman stark naked in the opening credits? The final Kidman nude scene, with her and the anonymous sailor, is one of the hottest moments in her career. (Zipped .wmv).

Birth is an artsy-fartsy thriller which should probably never have been made. James Berardinelli called in pretentious crap, and he liked it more than Tuna. (Movie House Link). I liked it more than they did because I got involved in the mystery and the moral dilemma and I liked the consistent atmosphere, but I have to admit it's too arty, too slow, takes itself too seriously, and has an unsatisfying ending, so you should certainly not seek it out. In addition to all those problems, the freakin' nude scene is WAY too dark. I lightened it significantly in this zipped .wmv, which means you can see the body parts, but the flip side of that is that it looks like complete shit.

The Human Stain is an intellectual's movie, and a good one, but a depressing one, and another that is way too self-important and non-commercial. The studio exec who approved a $30 million budget for this is probably in a soup line as you read this. In the Movie House review, I say, "Excellent movie, but no entertainment value and clearly limited appeal." Tuna says, "I was very impressed. If you are interested in intelligent character-driven dramas that really dig deeply and honestly into people's lives, this is a very good one." The nudity is not explicit, but Kidman's sensuous dance and her purring come-ons are quite hot! (Zipped .wmv).

Billy Bathgate, an old-fashioned gangster story starring Dustin Hoffman and Bruce Willis, is the only one of these four movies which has some genuine entertainment value. As I wrote in the Movie House review,  "I enjoyed the film. There's nothing you haven't seen before, but it's all done well." Directed by Robert Benton (Kramer vs Kramer) and written by E.L. Doctorow (Ragtime) and Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love), it is underrated at IMDb with a 5.7. You certainly can't grouse about the nudity. Kidman shows her pubes three times, once in clear light, once outdoors in broad daylight, and once underwater. (Zipped .wmv).

If you look at Billy Bathgate and then Eyes Wide Shut, you'll see that Kidman did a remarkable job of getting fitter as she got older. She was ten years older in EWS, but every part of her was better toned, and the perfect butt we remember from EWS was actually sorta dumpy-lookin' in Bathgate. Each of the two movies has a "Kidman before the mirror" scene.



"A request for the regulars: About 25 years ago or so Lesley-Anne Down did a thriller called "Sphinx" in which she played an Egyptologist looking for a mummy or something. The film isn't important, though - what is important is that Down, while on location, posed for a series of non-nude but very sexy photographs that were apparently done to promote the movie, even though they have virtually nothing to do with it other than the location. I've seen some of these pop up over the years but they're usually pretty tiny or of not-so-good quality. If anyone can post photos from this shoot that are of high quality or close to it, please do so so we can all enjoy Down at her physical peak."




Headline and subhead of the day: Polar Bear Genitals are Shrinking ... "causing their numbers to peter out."

Now here's a birthday present for a REAL man.

The Simpsons discover that the 'Soviet Union' still exists

Five clips from Crossover (2006), a film about street basketball

A very interesting "making of" featurette about Hollywoodland, the film about the George Reeves "suicide."

Seven clips from the upcoming remake of The Wicker Man

George Allen "Macaca" Statement: President Defends Senator George Allen From Vicious, Baseless Racism Charges (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

The complete nudography of Charlize Theron in a single video clip. (122 meg. Rapidshare.)

Trivia buff? Here's the most random information on the internet - Used FAQs

"Like most kids, Stephen Colbert made a scrapbook of all his favorite ad campaigns."

Colbert Report: American Pop Culture: It's Crumbelievable!

  • Who from our time is going to make future generations forget THEIR Supreme Court justices?

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Daily Show: America's Government's Got Talent!

  • From piano to jazz flute, the Bush Administration's got talent!

"Will robots make us perfect? More specifically, will we be able to blow shit up with our eyes?"

Apple to recall 1.8 million notebook batteries

Meet The New Survivors: Race Islands

  • I'm not sure if the first test is completely fair. The contestants have to get to the island by swimming there.'s "Page 2" says the best cheerleaders and dancers are now in South Florida.

Elijah Blue dishes the dirt with Howard Stern about his mom (Cher) and her lovers

Back to eight planets. Pluto gets the boot

  • Because the astronomers decided the matter with a vote. In other news. Galileo has been overruled on a 4713-1 vote, and the earth is actually back to being the center of the universe.

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Tokyo subway to display naked, pregnant Spears

  • It's kinda cute the way they did it. The train comes out right where the baby would.


Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Paris Hilton's Bed

  • Is the 'please take a number' device included?
  • Do I need the undercoating?
  • Why is Regis' name carved into the headboard?




Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Hot Tamale (2006)

Hot Tamale (2006) is a direct to vid indie made for around $500K. IMDb lists it as action/romance/crime, and I would agree in all three cases. Randy Spelling has grown up in Wyoming, and feels like he is stuck in the wrong family, having nothing in common with his parents. When a foreign exchange student, Matt Cedeņo, moves in with him, he discovers his calling -- playing salsa music. A few years later, it occurs to him that Wyoming is not a likely place to get rich and famous playing salsa, and moves to LA, where he will stay with Cedeņo, and try to become a salsa drummer.

His trip is not uneventful, as he meets Jason Priestly in a diner. Priestly hides a handbag in his truck, and then, after Spelling pulls off, two mobsters shoot Priestly. Now the hoods are after Spelling. Meanwhile, Spelling learns that Matt Cedeņo is off to New York to meet with some art gallery owner, and he will have the run of his apartment. The next morning, he wakes up to a naked Diora Baird. When he finds that Matt Cedeņo has scored him an audition with a band because their drummer was deported, a cop shows up looking for Matt Cedeņo, and an abusive woman (Carmen Electra) starts calling him on a cell phone in the handbag, all the players are in place. From there, the film careens among humor, violence and romance, and kept me guessing for the most part.

This film has four bare breasts, humor, violence, fascinating characters, a great salsa soundtrack, and is a very quick watch. I found it an excellent entertainment film. C+.

IMDb has lowered the 7.0 average score to 4.2 using their secret sauce. In my opinion, 7.0 is closer to the truth.


Kristen Caldwell shows breasts early in the film, making out with Cedeņo.


 The lovely Diora Baird shows breasts in two scenes.






Dann reports on Swedish Wildcats:

1972's Swedish Wildcats (also known as Every Afternoon) is a 70's sexploitation flick that tries to be more, with limited success.

Susanna and Karen are Swedish sisters who are prostitutes in a Swedish bordello run by their aunt, played by a very fat Diana Dors. The madam offers sex tease shows and S&M acts to encourage business, and doesn't seem to mind that she has her nieces involved.

The movie seems to rotate between showing what a crappy business prostitution is, showing what a bitch the madam is, and showing the girls attempting but mostly failing to have normal love lives.

Plot wise, this thing tries too hard without succeeding, but 70's eye-candy-wise, it's worth a look.

Solveig Andersson and Cia Lowgren Samira Wale Various






It's time for Flauti's special monthly Spanish movie report, Part 1 today, featuring Don't Move (Penelope Cruz) and La Fiesta Del Chivo.


Don't Move

Claudia Gerini


Elena Perino

Penelope Cruz


La Fiesta Del Chivo

Stephanie Leonidas









Nicole Rayburn ... Kisses and Caroms
Patty Souza ... Kisses and Caroms
Olia Natasha ... I Am a Sex Addict
various ... I Am a Sex Addict






RokWatch wrote: "Ms. Rose McGowan may have Kirk Douglas' chin yet it doesn't matter in contrast to her personal sparkle: and she looks spectacular in this dress"