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"The Incubus"

The Incubus (1981) is a Canadian horror entry that takes place in a small town, much of which looks rather Gothic. It starts off with the standard young couple at the local pond story, and then the guy is brutally murdered, and the girl is savagely raped, buy an unseen evil force. This was the films first and biggest mistake. The rest of the story has the rape/murders occurring every night, a doctor who thinks it is the work of one person, possibly a demonic one, and everyone else thinking it was done by a gang of teenagers. Had they made it seem more like a crime rapist story, and only brought in the supernatural aspect later in the film, it would have had some dramatic tension, and played like a good Giallo.

One prime suspect is a young man whose Grandmother gave the town its name. She runs the town library, and a museum dealing with some vague but creepy episode from the town's past. Every time her son has headaches and a nightmare, more people are killed. His girlfriend is the daughter of the doctor. The last key player is the owner of the newspaper, a mysterious woman that nobody likes. The only mystery is the identity of the Incubus, and how long it will take to find out.

The acting was abysmal. Not a single character delivered one natural sounding line. Character development was nearly non-existent. The one good aspect of this film was the cinematography. DP Albert J. Dunk filled it with interesting camera angles and lighting (see Davros07 for one example). At least three women, and maybe 4 had exposure. Mitch Martin, as the first victim, showed a nipple remembering her ordeal. Erin Flannery, as the doctor's daughter, showed full frontal, and a nice rear shot, both from a distance. Michelle Davros, as one of the victims, showed everything in a shower and murder scene, the cadaver I labeled unknown might also be her, but, with no face visible, I couldn't be sure. IMDB rates this 3.8 of 10. With the wooden acting, badly implemented plot, and painfully slow pace, I can give this no higher than a D+.

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  • Unknown


    Amelie (2001) was done by Scoopy as soon as it was released, and he praised it to the rafters, but didn't describe much nudity, so it went in my box of films to see when I had time, but that I probably wouldn't cap. I have several new soft-core films on hand, and lots of upcoming 70's exploitation films as well, but when Amelie was recommended to me today, I was r4eady for a quality film. For those who missed Scoops review, check it out, as I agree with every word he said, and will only add some personal thoughts. Scoop mentioned that it was witty, but, in places, it was downright laugh out loud hilarious. As a kid, someone convinced Amelie that she was causing traffic accidents by taking pictures with her camera. When she realized she had been had, she came up with a great method of revenge. She got on his roof with a TV, and waited for each goal opportunity in the soccer match he was watching to unplug his cable.

    Scoop also mentioned that it was a directors picture, and intelligent. The example that struck me was that, even though they had a narrator, the narrator provided mood, not exposition, and not speaking French is not a big disadvantage in this film, as the director showed you what was going on, rather than telling you. The film is still at 8.9 of 10 at IMDB, but has dropped from #13 to #16. Look for this one to remain in the top 100 - it is that good. Film just doesn't get much better than this. Images cover the breast exposure from the stripper, Isis Peyrade, the body double for Amelie's mother, Lorella Cravotta and her bath scene, where we might see the top of an areola, and several non-nude images of the delightful Audrey Tautou. I passed on the brief flash of an anonymous woman topless, as scoop already covered that. This film is, to me, an A. It seems to have universal appeal, even though it is in French and subtitles. Any other year, the film would have had an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, and probably should have taken Best Director.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Movies 'n stuff

    Lemmings is that National Lampoon stage show with Chase, Guest, and Belushi before they became famous. No nudity.

    The Rookie is a G-rated Disney film, so no nudity. I'm not sure it's all that good a movie, but it's a helluva story. 35 year old chemistry teacher who looks 45 discovers that he can throw a baseball 98 MPH, and ends up in the majors. I know it sounds dumb - except for the fact that it's true!

    Other crap

    Graphic Response

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

    "House on Terror Tract"
    Despite starring John Ritter, I enjoyed The House on Terror Tract. There's partial nudity by Rachel York, although it could be a body double. In one frame she's panty-less, in the next they miraculously reappear. I'm not sure whether that's Shonda Farr's nipple in the water or not.

    "The Freshman"
    Another close one is Penelope Ann Miller in The Freshman. When she stands up you may be able to see something extra.

    "The Good Mother"
    A clear upskirt by Diane Keaton in The Good Mother. The topless caps of Tracy Griffith have appeared in the Funhouse before.

    "Love and Basketball"
    A brief, unclear nipple peak by Sanaa Lathan in Love and Basketball.

    "Love Crimes"
    Some excellent nudity in Love Crimes, especially by Sean Young who is shown as she was born, with a few developments. The movie is about a photographer who manages to con women into taking their clothes off so that he can take their photograph. Fern Dorsey, Donna Briscoe and some unknowns are some of his victims. Somebody may know who the unknowns are, I didn't have the patience to watch the movie again.

    Frances Fisher shows some pokies in "Heart"

    "The Ogre"
    I didn't know thongs were around in the 1930's when Agnes Soral wore one in The Ogre.

    "The Falcon and the Snowman"
    A topless dancer and a nipple peak in the Falcon and The Snowman.

    "Heartbreak Hospital"
    Some pokies by Chelsea Altman and Patricia Clarkson in Heartbreak Hospital.

    "Another You"
    An underwear shot of Mercedes Ruehl in Another You.

    "Donovan Quick"
    The briefest of bush by Katy Murphy as she dresses in the depressing Donovan Quick.

    "Lies of the Twins"
    Not a lot shown by Isabella Rosellini in Lies of the Twins, maybe a bit of butt crack.

    Some good pokies by Amelia Lowdell in Beginners.

    "Jagged Edge"
    In Jagged Edge you see a brief flash by Maria Mayenzet and a side view of Glenn Close topless in bed. There needs to be a DVD version of the caps for the best view.

    No real visible nudity in Dealers, just some nice caps of Rebecca De Mornay and Rosalind Bennett.

    "A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries"
    Lelee Sobieski wanders around in her underwear in A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries.

    "Square Dance"
    A young Winona Ryder plays the daughter looking for her mother, Deborah Richter, in Square Dance. No nudity but Winona takes a bath and Deborah is getting dressed.

    "The Wicked Lady"
    Plenty of nudity in The Wicked Lady. The full nudity of Marina Sirtis has appeared before but there is a lot more as she gives Fay Dunaway a whipping. The movie opens with a naked lady, unfortunately not properly identified (the first two of the unnamed collages). For Benny Hill fans there's a topless Louise English and Glynis Barber is also naked. Some other actresses are also seen topless.

    Kim Cattrall A great find by PAL, vidcaps from Cattrall's first IMDb credit, the movie "Rosebud" (1975).

    Jamie Lee Curtis A larger version of Jamie Lee's non-made-up and 100% un-retouched appearance in More magazine.

    Britney Spears Barely dressed from her Live from Vegas concert. A great collage by Celeblover.

    Angie Everhart
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Our favorite red head looking very sexy while promoting her new movie "Bandido". Great scans from the US FHM.

    Gina Ryder and
    Kristen Harner
    (1, 2)

    Robo-hooters and pseudo sex (both lesbo and hetero) from an episode of the Skinemax series "Lady Chatterley's Stories", by Dracul.

    Imogen Bailey
    (1, 2, 3)

    Pokies, amazing thong view, and a subtle bit of breast exposure.