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There was no nudity on Ray Donovan, but the episode ended with Katie Holmes ascending to her bedroom, inviting Liev to join her, so perhaps the next episode will be worthwhile.

The only nudity on Ballers was from The Rock, but Arielle Kebbel was sexy.


Lizzy Caplan got nekkid in a sex scene with Josh Charles on Masters of Sex (s3e7)

Helene Yorke was naked as a sex surrogate

and various other women appeared as two test subjects and a stripper. Two women were credited as "female subject" and "female subject in film," and their names are Leah Verrill and Catie Boles. Boles is the "female subject in film," and there is also a male listed together with her, so if one of the naked women is Boles, it's the one with the partner. I'm loath to assign their names to these clips because I looked up their Facebook accounts and they don't seem to look like the women in the films, especially in Verrill's case, but it's tough to draw a definite conclusion from that, so those may indeed be the correct IDs. The stripper is uncredited.

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"Orange is the New Black"


season three


Ruby Rose

Where the Truth Lies



Alison Lohman film clip (collages below)

Lohman and Kristin Adams film clip (sample below)

Rachel Blanchard film clip (collages below)

Rebecca Davis film clip (sample below)

TV/Film clips

Mariel Neto in 7 Minutes (2014)

Adorable, pre-surgery Demi Moore in About Last Night (1986)


Portuguese model Sara Sampaio