still going through my old DVDs looking for things we don't see very often:


Pray for Power


This is a 2001 T&A movie which tries to get sort of a 70s-80s vibe goin'. Lisa Boyle plays a model who witnesses something that places her in danger. It's rated 3.5 at IMDb, but is a lot slicker than many of the films I've been covering in the past few days from my "forgotten DVD" collection. On the other hand, this film seems to have ended the career of every performer associated with it, as you'll see in the notes below.

The clips are new. Tuna's old collages provide the thumbnails:

Lisa Boyle. Her last credit at IMDb. She now works as a photographer.

Laura Kim. Her last of three credits at IMDb.

Sue Hirko. Her only credit at IMDb


Dangerous Cargo


A Russian who is in the U.S. illegally is blackmailed by Russian mobsters into smuggling American dollars back into the former Soviet Union. At least that's what the box says. Damned if I'm going to watch this junk to find out. There are only 26 votes at IMDb, and most of those are obviously from people associated with the production, so nobody else has really seen the damned thing. It would be rated about 3.0 if it had an honest rating. Some of the actors include the Evil Callisto from Xena, Joey Travolta, Robert Z'Dar and that master thespian Margaux Hemingway. Margaux died shortly after making this film. Her body was discovered in her apartment after her neighbors reported that she had not been seen in many days. Her cause of death has never really been determined.

I'm thinking it was embarrassment.

Olga Vodin. Nice looking woman, but awkward in English. She's probably had the best career of anyone in this film because she returned to Russia to make TV shows in her native tongue, and is still working. She has appeared in several recent series. Again, Tuna's old collages act as thumbnails:


Angels Hard as They Come


This drive-in biker movie is actually quite well known by film buffs, not because of its quality, but because it represented the early work of several people who would go on to stardom.

  • Scott Glenn, the ex-Marine who starred in this film, would go on the portray astronaut Alan Shepherd in The Right Stuff, along with many other mainstream roles. He is still working to this day. He has a recurring role, for example, in the Bourne films. He's still a fairly convincing tough guy and a fairly good-looking guy, although he turns 70 in January. Angels Hard as They Come was his first starring role.
  • Gary Busey, who made his screen debut in this film, went on to be an Oscar nominee. Nuff said. You all know who Gary Busey is. While Scott Glenn is barely recognizable in this film, Busey looked about the same then as he does now at age 67. Perhaps Father Time is merciful to the crazy.
  • Jonathan Demme, who penned this story, such as it is, went on to win an Oscar for directing Silence of the Lambs. He's still directing, although he hasn't been able to replicate the success he enjoyed back in the 90s.

The nudity (one again Tuna supplies the collages/thumbnails):

Janet Wood

Janet Wood and Neva Davis (Nea below)

Becky Cross

Gilda Texter (don't blink, or you'll miss it)


Full Circle

late 90s, probably 1998

This one came from the very back shelf of the Vault of Obscurity. IMDb never heard of it. The writer, Nick Manning, has no other writing credits. The director, Bernard McWilliams, has no other directing credits. The star, Yuval Ovadia, is only mentioned by IMDb in one film, and that was in 2010, more than a decade after Full Circle was made.

The actress who played the hooker trumps all of those guys for obscurity - a Google search for her produces precisely ZERO hits. Odd-lookin' name. Pseudonym?? Perhaps her name, Mazal Aboutbul, is Anglicized improperly or a pun in Hebrew or something. I dunno. There is a Mazal Abutbul on Facebook. I assume that is the same woman, but it's not possible to make that call based on that Facebook page, which provides limited info and makes no mention of an acting career.

The only place you can find a mention of the film is here at Bruder Releasing, where they are selling it and many other things you never heard of, including Dangerous Cargo (see notes above).

Believe it or not, this obscure film does have one very positive redeeming element. The singer Richie Havens (remember him from Woodstock?) supplied the music for the film and also acted in a small role. His acting is nothing memorable, but the score was actually pretty damned good!

Mazal Aboutbul. No thumbnail. Even Tuna never watched this turkey.


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