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With a title like "Pornorama" you can kind of figure there will be some nudity in this German flick.



Sandra Ferrara does a rather explicit full frontal nudity scene.




Valentina Lodovini flashes some boobage for us.



Notes and collages

Cat People



Annette O'Toole








Dreaming About You


Leticia Perdigon film clips. Stills below.







Irina Palm


Marianne Faithfull (yes, the singer) hits a home run in this drama as a grandmother desperately trying to raise money to keep her grandson alive. She was great, and fortunately, she did NOT get naked.

Maggie is a 50-year-old widow who is still faithful to her dead husband. Her grandson is dying, and her son is unable to raise the money to send the boy to Australia for a procedure that may save his life. Anxious for any source of income, Maggie applies for a job as hostess at a London sex club. Unfortunately for Maggie, she had no idea what the club actually meant by "hostess", but she winds up building up quite a following under the name of "Irina Palm".

This is a wonderful film, heartwarming and full of surprises. It's a real tribute to the human spirit and well worth watching.

Marianne Faithfull







This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site). You've heard of Bastille Day? Well, this is Cecile Day.






Part One yesterday

Part Two tomorrow







Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend


Thirty years ago there was this movie made. Title of it is Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend. IMDb was not even a glimmer in anyone's eye because Al Gore had yet to invent the internet. So how were the producers to know that the folks who do the heavy lifting on IMDb would not be able to figure out what kind of movie it was. Mystery? Hardly a mystery to be found anywhere in the script, except who gave the green light for this project. Drama? That would require something vaguely approximating human emotion. Comedy? I suppose it might be a comedy, in the same sense that all MST3K offerings are comedies - you and your friends provide the commentary and, depending on how clever y'all are, it can be a sure enough hoot to watch. Naw, this one belongs under Fucked Up Mess, but Blockbuster (itself almost a decade from being born when CWW was being released) does not want to scare you or the kiddies, so the one time I found it they had shelved it in the comedy

What CWW does well is show off a lot of hooties and a bit of bum. She who does the most exposing in the luminous Lenka Novak. I could tell you the plot but since is the second time I have capped this bad boy let's just get to the important details: 1) Capped it from a videotape, second generation, so the quality is not good at all; 2) Lenka has a long bathing scene in which a buxom MLF by the name of Courtney Sands plays a lesbo wannabe and does the scrubbing of Lenka while some wanker watches and... wanks; 3) Lenka and five others play cheerleaders kidnapped for some reason. To pass the time they strip and perform a topless line dance of sorts. Best part of the movie, by far. Actually kind of clever, what the gals do, and they look yummy with their hooties a-loose and the music is great - I never get tired of watching that three-minute scene.

The other women who play topless cheerleaders are Elizabeth Halsey, Janie Squire, Leslie King, Marilyn Joi and Wally Ann Wharton. All of them had done or would go on to do other things on screens big and small, but the most active of them was Marilyn Joi. Thing is - she was 34 when she made this movie and she is supposed to be a high school cheerleader. Damn, where's this movie supposed to take place, Alabama?

Because everyone has been so busy turning TV shows like My Favorite Martian and Gomer Pyle, USMC into DVD no one has gotten around to doing CWW. And you would be hard pressed to find a decent videotape. Sigh. Now that Blue Ray has won the battle of HD I suppose the next ten years will see these same folks turning everything that was on DVD into BD, which means we may never see Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend in digital format. Not such a great loss, really, except for a precious three minutes.

Film clips:



Courtney Sands
Elizabeth Halsey
Janet Blythe
Janie Squire

Lenka Novak


Leslie King
Marilyn Joi
Wally Ann Wharton






"Lost Boys: The Tribe"

 (2008) (V)

Sequel to the 20 year old classic. Kiefer Sutherland, please drive a wooden stake into this franchise.

Autumn Reeser: white breast shields still visible after taking off red brassiere.

Moneca Delain: first time nudity by the long time hold out.

Jennifer Rostad: topless.

Rikki Gagne: stuntbabe flashes her boobs.

Maja Stace-Smith: stuntbabe flashes her tight butt.

Lauren Gibson: lesbian kiss with Rikki Gagne, upskirt getting ravaged by vampires.

"Masters of Horror"

episode "Cigarette Burns"

A couple of fresh IDs here.

Zara Taylor: nude but covered in blood. Mmm... chocolate syrup.

Rikki Gagne: stuntbabe topless again.

Crystal Mudry: topless wearing scold's bridle.


"Alien Agent"

(2007) (TV)

Once again up-and-coming-actress Meghan Flather steals another bad movie in a bit role. She's best known as
the 'Chinese' call girl who serviced Jet Li in War (2007).

Emma Lahana: sexy here ...

but she's obviously using a body double for the shower.

Amelia Cooke: partial boob and tatoos.

Meghan Flather: partial boob.


(2005) (TV)

From the wimmin's network 'unstable woman bunnyboiler' movie week.

Tori Spelling: getting the turkey baster treatment, bra and panties having sex.

Victoria Pratt: brassiere as chick who steals Tori's frozen embryos and makes violin strings out of her cat.

"Wide Awake"

(2007) (TV)

Another Lifetime movie with a babe scientist in glassses which she never needs while getting chased.

Missy Peregrym: cleavage.

Geri Hall (not the Spice Girl): legs and cleavage by Air Farce comedian.

Jane Sowerby: very silly dress for an older woman.

"A Lobster Tale"


Another newfie movie starring Colm Meaney of Star Trek fame. No (female) nudity.

Alberta Watson: very frumpy and that just can't be her wearing that red slip.

Wendii Fulford: cleavage.

"Saint Monica"


Brigitte Bako breaks typecast by playing a Catholic mother in this serious drama but she's still being a protestant whore by wearing a see-thru slip and squatting on a toilet with the bathroom door open.


episode "Attention Shoppers"

Must be a sale going on because the Pink Power Ranger's clothes are half off. Amy Jo Johnson: boosting the shows sagging ratings with her black brassiere.



Kate Kelton: nice downblouse in Tic Tac commercial

Jennifer Baxter: hotel sex in Yellow Pages commercial.

P.S.: In oz's "Get Over It" caps yesterday the girl in the purple 'lucky' shirt is Sadie Leblanc and the girl who gets her blouse torn down looks like Larissa Gomes. And Kylie Bax's topless stunt double is C.J. Fidler.

Addenum: In Death Race in theatres this weekend the sexy female navigators getting off the prison bus are Canadian stuntbabes. The one with the frizzy blond hair is Melantha Blackthorne. For some reason they were only given stunt credits although this movie really could have used a lesbian communal prison shower scene after the first race. In the original Roger Corman version the female navigators got nude massages and had sex with the drivers.








*La Lohan. See-through.

Christina Tsoukala in the olympics. This time in HQ.


Film Clips

Holly Hunter in Saving Grace, s2, e6. Great scene. Holly's face is aging, but she still has a teenager's body. (sample right)
Laetitia Casta in La Jeune Fille et les Loups (samples right)