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An urban school is being sued by the parents of a kid who graduated without the ability to read or write. The board, administration and teachers union are trying their best to keep the teachers from giving honest testimony. Nick Nolte plays one of the few teachers who still care. He finds himself face-to-face with a former student, in the person of JoBeth Williams, who worshiped him, and is now the attorney for the parents.

Teachers, finally available on DVD the 28th of this month, is an Arthur Hiller comedy that tries to tackle serious subjects through humor.  Some have criticized the film for mixing humor with serious issues, but that's one of the things I particularly like about it. This is a serious and memorable indictment of our high schools that is possibly more true now then it was in 1984, and it makes all of its points clearly, but entertains in the process. In that respect, the tone reminds me very much of Hiller's classic, Hospital, starring George C. Scott. 

Hiller assembled a killer cast here, including Nick Nolte, Ralph Macchio, Laura Dern, JoBeth Williams, Judd Hirsch, Lee Grant, Morgan Freeman and Crispin Glover. I enjoy every minute of the film, although I will admit to a weakness for many of the performers. Macchio and Dern are particularly convincing as students. 

  • This is a high C+.
  • IMDb readers say 5.6.




Jobeth Williams, breasts




Julia Jennings, breasts









The Tailor of Panama


Today is a nipple day.


Catherine McCormack with some breast exposure as she hits the sack with Pierce Brosnan.

Then Pierce gets a little rough with Jamie Lee Curtis resulting in her nipple popping out of her dress.







Notes and collages


Cyborg is a Golan/Globus production ... so give your brain a rest and soak in the fight scenes. I like this film.

Debi Richter







Latin Lover

"Latin Lover" is a Peruvian Soap Opera.

You are thinking "What is that doing on Scoopy's site?"

Well it was the first erotic soap opera and the women are incredibly hot. Andrea Montenegro is the lead actress and she is a babe. Not only that she is a good actress who has done a lot of other work, like most of the actresses from this series. Oddly enough, their filmographies in the IMDb are  incomplete. Andrea has done a lot more work than the listed there, including the controversial latino movie "Baño de Damas," where she plays a very jealous lesbian.



Andrea Montenegro


Cecilia Brozovich


Liliana Jenichen


Liliana Mas



Malu Costa


Natalia Villaveces


Paola Aravena



Silvia Caballero









¿Quién puede juzgar a 10 chicas, casi adolescentes, del Este de Europa que quieren buscar un futuro mejor en Bélgica? Nadie, incluso aunque sea aceptando un contrato muy sospechoso de unos hombres que les ofrecen una vida de glamour como bailarinas de una compañía, incluso aunque les adviertan de que esos hombres lo que pretenden en realidad es prostituirlas. Sólo quieren una vida mejor, aunque puede que el viaje que inician vaya directo a un infierno del que no podrán escapar.

Esto es Matrioshki, la cruda, terrible, pero realista historia de un puñado de chicas arrancadas de sus hogares con mentiras y condenadas a ser esclavas sexuales por una despiadada banda de delincuentes que no tienen el menor problema por traficar con mujeres, obligarlas a prostituirse e, incluso, matarlas. A lo largo de los 10 episodios de Matrioshki, acompañaremos a estas jóvenes en su viaje hacia el infierno.


Ten Eastern European girls, barely past adolescence, take a chance on a better future in Belgium, even though it involves being bound by a very suspicious contract to men who offer a glamorous life as dancers, but intend to force them into prostitution.

This is Matrioshki, the crude and horrifying but realistic history of a handful of girls uprooted from their homes with lies and turned into sex slaves by ruthless criminals who would not hesitate to kill them. Throughout the 10 episodes of Matrioshki, we will accompany these young people on their trip towards a hell from which they may not be able to escape.


Here you have the trailer for the series:


The introduction for each of the episodes:


Capítulo 3 / Chapter 3


Ailika Kremer and Lyubov Tolkalina


Eugenia Hirivskaya


Indre Jaraite



Lyubov Tolkalina


Mila Lipner


Svetlana Vladimirovna


Svetlana Vladimirovna and Lyubov Tolkalina


Zemyna Asmontaite














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Comments in yellow...

Lindsay Lohan's attorney cut a deal with Los Angeles prosecutors for her to plead guilty or no contest to seven misdemeanors but no felonies.  Normally, that would get her at least four days in jail, but the judge gave her 10 days of community service and cut that in half, then credited her for one day for the time she spent when she was arrested, so she'll get one day in jail.  And that's not a 24-hour day: she could conceivably check in just before midnight and out right after midnight, having served "one day" by spending half an hour in jail. 

*  That would leave the whole rest of the night free for partying!

*  And with enough cocaine in her system, those 30 minutes will just fly by. 

Wednesday night, Fox debuted "Anchorwoman," a much-ballyhooed new reality show about what happens when a blonde, busty former model/WWE bimbo who takes over the newscast at a Tyler, Texas, TV station.  The ratings were so dismally small, it was yanked after one episode.  The unaired episodes will be available online on a service called "Fox On Demand." 
*  Where they put things for which there is absolutely no demand.