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Agent Provocateur Commercial

Kylie Minogue's commercial which will never make it to U.S. television because, among other things, she's wearing see-through panties. Zipped .wmv


Dellamorte Dellamore (1994) (aka Cemetery Man)

A couple of years ago, this film was the best answer to a late night barroom discussion topic: "what is the funniest zombie movie ever made?" Some other knowledgeable film buffs might have argued for Dan O'Bannon's "The Return of the Living Dead," but I assume the bar would finally have arrived on this one as its consensus choice.

That was then. Now, of course, the issue is open to further discussion, and I'm pretty sure that the roundtable would drop this film to second in favor of  Shaun of the Dead. I'd have to concede that Dellamorte Dellamore is neither as clever nor as good as Shaun, but it is a fun movie, and a pretty good one as well, although it enjoys the rare distinction of having excellent reviews (63% at Rotten Tomatoes) and a high IMDB score (7.5 with thousands of votes) at the same time that it is also covered by various "worst of all time" web sites like and Stomp Tokyo.

It is an Italian movie which takes place in Italy, but is in English and stars the suave, handsome British actor Rupert Everett, the guy who wants to be the first gay James Bond. The title literally means "Of Death, Of Love," which carries several possible meanings, most of which will be obvious once I start to tell you what it is about, assuming I ever do get to that point and past my usual digressions. The one sense which is not obvious is that Francesco Dellamorte is also the name of the gravekeeper (the titular Cemetery Man) played by Everett. Ol' Rupe is really not that happy with the fact that he's a gravekeeper named Frank of the Dead, and has always wanted to change his name - to Andy of the Dead.

That will give you an idea of the sense of humor at work in this script.

What, not Shaun?

Frank of the Dead tends the cemetery in Buffalora, a town in Northern Italy, and that's an unexciting position for the most part, except that Dellamorte has one very unusual responsibility. In his territory, the dead always come back to life after seven days, so Frank's real job is to re-kill them by splitting their heads open, thus sending them to their more permanent reward. It certainly seems that it would be more efficient to pulverize their skulls when they are buried the first time, but no such rationale is ever offered.

Things are going along fairly well for Frank until he falls in love with a beautiful widow and decides to have sex with her on her husband's grave. The husband finds this quite offensive, assumes zombiehood, and attacks his unfaithful wife. Frank is able to dispose of him only after the jealous zombie has bitten and killed the sexy widow. (Anna Falchi, she of the mammoth areolae.) Of course, death is only a temporary condition in Buffalora, so Frank waits out the seven days until his beloved returns as a zombie. No, it's not what you're thinking. He kills her so that she can achieve eternal rest. Meanwhile, Frank's assistant, the usual mute and retarded-lookin' gravedigger, falls in love with the mayor's daughter, who promptly dies. Rather than facing the whole cycle of reincarnation and skull-splitting, the mute guy simply cuts off her head, waits seven days, and continues to pursue the relationship with her disembodied head. They have quiet nights at home while he plays some music and she sings.

Up to and including that point it was a weird but still fairly tight and economical little script which stayed reasonably well within its own eccentric rules, but the rest of the film is out there in Salvador Dali land. Frank keeps running into women who look exactly like his beautiful twice-killed widow, strange spirits keep floating through the air, Frank goes on a killing spree and gets jealous when others are blamed for his crimes, and finally ... well, there is an explanation for the strange goings-on, but it's one of those M. Night Shyamalan or Rod Serling surprise endings, and it doesn't really satisfy. Since the film is already about resurrection, it really could have used Graham Chapman to come back from the dead in his military uniform and declare the whole thing "too silly."

If it sounds kind cool to you, you will be extremely impressed by the ingenious gothic cinematography and the bizarre sets. This film may have the general attitude of Shaun of the Dead, but the cemetery scenes have the look of Phantom of the Opera, as filtered through the mind of Orson Welles. The scriptwriter played up the laughs, but the cinematographer handled the project with a certain operatic elegance. It's an odd combination, and an odd movie in general. I can't even make up my mind whether I enjoyed it, but I was certainly impressed with its originality.

Anna Falchi




'Caps and comments by Dann:

The Mambo Kings

Sweet Latin music and an interesting look at the Cuban-American community in New York in the early 1950's highlight this 1992 drama. Although it is slow-paced, lovers of the music will thoroughly enjoy it.

Two Cuban brothers who had been playing the club circuit in Havana leave Cuba in 1952 when the younger loses his beloved to the powerful nightclub owner who intends to kill him. In New York, they plan to take over the city's Latin music scene as the Mambo Kings. Of course, things don't go that smoothly.

The movie has an interesting bit involving the I Love Lucy TV show, with Desi Arnaz Jr. playing his father, who was known for bringing Cuban musicians onto the show to perform. Another interesting piece of trivia is that Armand Assante, who played the older brother, spoke no Spanish, while Antonio Banderas, who played the younger brother, spoke no English at the time. Both men performed those lines phonetically.

The movie movies slowly and methodically, which may bore some, but the music is great and many will also enjoy the performance by Latin superstar Celia Cruz, who is now deceased. None of the nudity is gratuitous, but still adds a little spice. Not everyone's cup of tea, but a movie I enjoyed very much, especially because I remember the 50's, and they did a decent job of representing the period.

Maruschka Detmers Cathy Moriarty Valerie McIntosh


'Caps and comments by Brainscan
A couple of things of Lisa Scott Lee in what the Brits would call an uppie. A killer uppie at that. 
'Caps and comments by Hankster:
Today we kick it off with Heidi Sturjsen who winds up as a "Babe in Bondage" in "Citizen Toxie:The Toxic Avenger 4".         

Then we'll take the old Time Machine back to 1977 for a real sleazefest "Ilsa the Wicked Warden" starring Dyanne Thorne as Ilsa. First up: tits from Lina Romay.
Then we have Tania Busselier getting stripped and hosed down full frontal and rear in the classic prison scene.
Then Tania has her boobs fondled by other prisoners.  
We move on to Dyanne Thorne and Lina Romay as Dyanne sticks pins in Lena's tits and then lays on top off her. That hurts.
Then Dyanne Thorne jumps in the tub to see if those robo hooters will float.  
This sucker is loaded with nudity so we will be back tomorrow with more goodies. Our final scene today is some unknowns naked in the ol' prison shower.

Herr Haut

Radley Metzger may have been most literate guy ever to produce softcore porn films. One of my former colleagues and I, both Metzger fans, used to argue about whether he was just a Fellini with less talent, making ambitious and thoughtful films with lots of flesh, or whether he was just a pornographer with a penchant for Pirandello and Pinter. We never settled the argument, but Radley has built up quite a little cult following over the years. This 1973 film is rated 6.6 at IMDb!!
Claire Wilbur
Lynn Lowry
I don't really remember Claire Wilbur, but I always thought Lynn Lowry was sexy. Something about her awkward overbite, I guess. Kind of a sleazier Susan Dey, or maybe Margaux Hemingway without the duck voice. Anyway, here's a few more of her in the timeless screen romance known as I Drink Your Blood

Mr Nude Celeb

An assortment from the naked one today.
Alice Evans in Fascination
Izabella Scorupco in Exorcist: The Beginning
Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Machinist
Submitter wrote: "The RGE company in Czechoslovakia specializes in spanking movies, and are supposedly good at it. Even those rather uninterested in seeing a myriad of girls' buttocks with welts all over them may be happy to have a close look at their remarkably beautiful (and quite talented!) actress Katarina Tetova."

Nicole Sheridan shows a real lot of cleavage in public.
OK, we've seen this before, but somebody spent a lot of time polishing up this frame of Katie Holmes in The Gift
Charlotte Church caught by the paparazzi as her fella playfully unties her bikini bottom
A few more of those Demi Moore pictures from her pre-fame, pre-robohooter, pre-wax period.

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Other Crap
Freddy Garcia goes the distance, pitches a one hitter, loses. (Friggin' Santana is impossible to beat after the all-star game. He's 5-1 this year, 13-0 last year, 8-1 the year before that!)

We aren't perfect, but we have made SOME social progress in 40 years. What Shall I Be? The exciting 1966 Game of Career Girls.

Two trailers and a 12 minute featurette about The Constant Gardener

'Flightplan' - Moviefone's Exclusive Extended Preview

  • Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer ("A Beautiful Mind," "Apollo 13") teams up with two-time Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster ("Silence of the Lambs," "The Accused") in the taut psychological thriller, "Flightplan," directed by Robert Schwentke and written by Peter Dowling and Billy Ray. Flying at 40,000 feet in a cavernous, state-of-the-art 474 aircraft, Kyle Pratt (Foster) faces every mother's worst nightmare when her six year-old daughter, Julia, vanishes without a trace mid-flight from Berlin to New York. Already emotionally devastated by the unexpected death of her husband, Kyle desperately struggles to prove her sanity to the disbelieving flight crew and passengers while facing the very real possibility that she may be losing her mind. While neither Captain Rich (Bean), nor Air Marshal Gene Carson (Sarsgaard) want to doubt the bereaved widow, all evidence indicates that her daughter was never on board resulting in paranoia and doubt among the passengers and crew of the plane. Finding herself desperately alone, Kyle can only rely on her own wits to solve the mystery and save her daughter.

PAT ROBERTSON URGES U.S. TO COVET CHAVEZ'S WIFE ... Televangelist Breaks Second Commandment in Two Days

George W. Bush's Fondness for Bald Heads

A picture gallery from the romantic comedy Just Friends It stars Ryan Reynolds as a former high school geek turned trendy Los Angeles music executive. When he gets stranded in his New Jersey home town due to bad weather with a superstar singer he is trying to sign, he finds himself reunited with his high school crush and discovers she is his true love. (Worth a look to see Ryan Reynolds as a fat high schooler.)

Flanders: more fun than you think. Flemish nun reprimanded for dirty dancing. The best part of the story is WHERE she did it. The bad news: you're a nun and you get caught dirty dancing. The worse news: you do it in front of the Pope!

And his parents said he'd never amount to much ... "A 43-year-old man from Saranac, New York has the world's longest eyebrow hair."

A new record? There are 490 female students at Timken High School in Canton, Ohio, and 65 of them are pregnant

Turkmen President Bans Lip Synching.

  • I guess those Milli Vanilli guys have to scratch the Ashgabat concert from their comeback tour.
  • President Niyazov is sort of a Kim Jong-Il in training. In 2001, he banned opera and ballet. Last year, he called for crackdowns on gold teeth, beards, and long hair.

The Forty Year Old Virgin, as reviewed by the one man most qualified to assess a film which is smart and humane under its own filth. (You know who I'm talkin' about.)

A new TV spot and the trailers for Lord of War

  • "Lord of War" is an action adventure story set in the world of international arms dealing. The film, based on fact, follows the globetrotting exploits of arms dealer Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage). Through some of the deadliest war zones, Yuri struggles to stay one step ahead of a relentless Interpol agent (Ethan Hawke), his business rivals, even some of his customers who include many of the world's most notorious dictators. Finally, Yuri must also face his own conscience.

Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Pat Robertson

Love Not Having Steve Coogan's Baby. The latest development is that "Courtney Love and Steve Coogan have both denied that they are set to have a baby together "

The Icelandic penis museum

Jacko Accuser's Mom Charged With Fraud: "The woman whose son accused Michael Jackson of child molestation was charged with welfare fraud Tuesday for allegedly collecting nearly $19,000 in payments while making false claims."

The perfect house guest? Courtney Love. "Let's redecorate the house. This will be our hammer."

Pam Anderson's novel. Wow. High school required reading lists have sure improved since I was in school. Of course, they are easier to read now than in my day because (1) there is plenty of sex (2) they are not made of stone or papyrus.

If I ever go back to school, my Ph.D. thesis will be on "The Anderson Tradition in American Literature, from Maxwell to Pamela."



The Daily Show's Lewis Black examines America's Vietnam nostalgia

The Daily Show: "We've gone from promising to democratize the Middle East to securing a quick ride to the airport"

Weekly World News Editorial: "After The Space Shuttle Fleet Gets Grounded, NASA NEEDS A LIFT!" deleted a listing for the word 'Arab' after Arab-American groups complained about the derogatory synonyms.

National Punctuation Day

The trailer for Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

  • "Kurt Russell ('Miracle'), Dakota Fanning ('Man on Fire') and Kris Kristofferson ('Blade I & II') star in a DreamWorks drama about a father who, for the love of his daughter, sacrifices almost everything to save the life of an injured racehorse and bring the promising filly back to her former glory."

Johansson Ducks Paparazzi, Then Clips Car

"The creators of Babelfish, a language tool that translates text from a variety of different languages, have added two more valuable translations to its inventory, Canadian to American and American to Canadian."

Pat Reeder (

Pat's comments in yellow:

The Rev. Pat Robertson sparked outrage Monday on "The 700 Club" when he suggested that US covert agents assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to prevent communists and Islamists from staging attacks on America from there.  He said, "It's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war...and I don't think any oil shipments will stop."

*  In fact, he can't think of a single thing objectionable about it!
*  Can't he get his friend God to strike Chavez dead for us?
*  He must've heard that Chavez was gay.

Robertson is also under fire for using his Christian Broadcasting Network to tout the alleged health benefits of his new product, "Pat's Age-Defying Shake."  The concoction of protein powder, safflower oil and vinegar is distributed by GNC health food stores.  One religious media watchdog claims it's an improper use of a tax-exempt religious ministry, but Robertson says he has the right to be involved in
business ventures.

*  And his business ventures don't have to be Kosher.
*  That's why he's launching another new venture, "Pat Robertson's Hit-Squad-For-Hire!"
*  It's not only age-defying, it's tax-deferring!
*  Pat guarantees it will extend the life of anyone except Hugo Chavez.
*  That explains his assassination plan: his brain's getting too much vinegar.

Malaysia's top Islamist leader, Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, is calling on wives not to react violently if their husbands tell them they want to bring home another wife, after two wives threw acid at their husbands when they broke the news.  He said a man who wants to take a second wife must be sensitive to his first wife's feelings, "be tender in his approach," and remember that "a woman's heart is like a glass, very fragile."  He should tell her of the plight of the other women "who would become aged virgins until they die" if it weren't for polygamy.

*  That's right: he is LITERALLY "God's gift to women!"
*  Try telling her how sad that "40-Year-Old Virgin" movie is.
*  Then, if she still says no, beat her like a rented donkey.
*  The husband may then discover that a man's skull is like a glass, very fragile.
*  He's telling men how to talk their wives into a three-way...Is he a religious leader or the Playboy Advisor?

A study of 400 firms by Britain's Forum of Private Business confirmed that college doesn't always prepare you for work.  Over half of employers said final-year university students who work for them were "average to poor" at literacy, math, time-keeping and taking phone messages.  Three-quarters were "very poor, poor or average" at addressing a letter.  They were described as mediocre at basic skills needed for work, with an "appalling lack of awareness" of the responsibilities of holding a job and an attitude that the world owes them a living.  One boss complained that students came to job interviews in flip-flops with chipped nail polish and "thongs halfway up their backs."

*  And those were the guys!
*  The only thing most of them picked up in college was chlamydia.
*  Hey, they'd wear a suit, if somebody would give them one!
*  The only job they're perfect for is being on a university faculty.
*  As soon as they learn how to read well enough to fill out a welfare form, the world WILL owe them a living.

Matthew Flynn of West Hartford, Connecticut, was trimming his hedges Sunday evening when an ice cream truck drove down his street.  Police say Flynn ran out in front of it, asked the teenage driver to turn down the loud jingle, and told him not to come back because there are no kids in that neighborhood.  In fact, they led an unsuccessful campaign to ban Mr. Softee trucks in 2002.  Flynn then allegedly brandished his hedge clippers in a chopping motion and told the driver he'd make him less of a man if he didn't turn it down.  He was charged with threatening and a breach of the peace.

*  And threatening to turn the driver into Mr. Softee.
*  The exact threat was, "I scream, YOU scream!"
*  He plans to get off by playing "Turkey In The Straw" to the jury for three hours.

Dolce & Gabbana is under fire over print ads for their new men's jeans that are cut so low, they've been dubbed "pubic pants."  Some media outlets refused to run them because of the unappealing display of male body hair south of the navel.  The San Francisco Chronicle surveyed ad and fashion experts on the look.  Some said they're cutting edge and take a new look at sex appeal.  Others said they're gross and tasteless, that women don't find that patch of hair attractive, that the jeans look very uncomfortable, and that you literally "couldn't get much lower."

*  Until they fall down.
*  The only men who will wear these jeans are plumbers.
*  And men won't get bikini waxes...Only women can stand that much pain.
*  If you think that's bad, you should see them from the back.

There's an auction on eBay of a painting from a "Sex & The City" episode in which prim Charlotte (Kristin Davis) agreed to let a famous artist paint her private parts.  The 8-foot, flower-like abstract was made by artist Elizabeth Linn, who gave the producer several to choose from.  The show's construction coordinator got it, gave it to his daughter, who's selling it.  She said, "It's a conversation piece.  It's also a beautiful piece."  At last check, bidding had soared to $3,800.

*  The bidders don't know art, but they know what they like.
*  Squint just right, and it looks like a Georgia O'Keefe.
*  Men find it hypnotic...It just follows you around the room.


Screenwriter Anthony Spinners is suing ABC and the producers of "Lost" for unspecified damages, claiming they stole his concept.  He says he was hired in 1977 to create a show about airplane crash victims struggling to survive on a jungle island full of strange creatures and dangerous characters.  It was for Sid and Marty Krofft, the puppeteers who produced kid shows such as "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters"
and "H.R. Pufnstuf."

*  Sounds like his version would've been much more realistic
*  Next season, we'll discover that the evil force running the island on "Lost" is Witchy-Poo.
*  He should write a show about screenwriters trying to survive in the Hollywood jungle.

The New York Post reports that Michael Moore has checked into the $3,800-a-week Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa in Florida,
the "fat farm for the rich," which offers weight loss plus cosmetic procedures such as Botox.  Moore is reportedly in a program that will teach him how to cook healthy meals and exercise, learn a "new approach to eating," and lose up to 12 pounds in three weeks.

*  At that rate, he should be at normal weight by 2040.
*  If we're lucky, they'll Botox his mouth so he can't chew.
*  While he's there, he'll also be shooting an expose on the pampered lifestyles of the obscenely wealthy.

After falling from a horse and suffering several broken bones, Madonna told the Sun newspaper that as soon as doctors give the okay, she'll climb right back in the saddle and start riding again

*.Just like she did when she fell off Dennis Rodman.

Barbara Eden turns 71 today, although her TV character from "I Dream of Jeannie" was born on April 1, 64 B.C.

*  So Jeannie is actually the same age as Cher.


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