Tulip Fever


This film has not yet been released. Alicia Vikander is seen in the 1080hd trailer.

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To The Bone

2017, 1920x1040

Lily Collins

The Details

The Details (2011) has Elizabeth Banks baring her bum.

Also looking good are:

Cathy Vu

Gretchen Liebrum

Kerry Washington

Laura Linney

Killing Ground


Cherry Pearce film clip (sample below)

Maya Stange film clip (sample below)


Johnny's comments:

Killing Ground is a thriller where young couple Ian and Sam (Ian Meadows and Harriet Dyer) are going on a camping trip during the new year. At the camping ground they are going to there is already a family camping there with parents Margaret and Rob (Maya Stange and Julian Garner) and teenage daughter Em (Tiarnie Coupland) and a young child. Also, two hunter friends German and Chook (Aaron Pedersen and Aaron Glenane) are skulking around, looking for women to fuck. After spending the night at the camping ground, something seems very off. Margaret and Rob's tent looks abandoned and German and Chook have entered the area and have their eye on Em. Also, Ian and Sam find the young child crying and wandering around confused. They bump into German and Chook and they help them look for the child's parents, but what they find will turn everything upside down. Fairly decent thriller but has an unusual time structure which does make the movie confusing for about 20 minutes when two key scenes are played out simultaneously despite happening at different times. While there's some disturbing scenes in the movie, most of the extreme violence is not shown but it's still feels disturbing mainly because the violence is shown in a matter-of-fact manner. Worth a look if you're into nasty thrillers.

Just a quick word about the Cherry Pearce scene from Killing Ground below. She plays a body double for Tiarnie Coupland's character (and is credited as such) and spends her entire scene time with her pants pulled down to reveal her bottom to suggest that she'd been raped and we never see her face (for obvious reasons). Also in the scene, Maya Stange is seen with her shorts pulled down and possibly shows her bush as they drag her over to a tree, the scene is shot from a distance which makes it hard to see even in HD.

Also. I've been thinking about it since I've posted it, but that Heather Matarazzo scene from Hostel Part 2 may also be a body double whenever you see her bottom. Something about the way that scene is shot makes me think that a double was used for any back view. I'd like to be wrong though. And that Nicole da Silva scene from Doctor Doctor I posted the other day is clearly a body double and so was that nude swimming scene from the very first episode. Come on, she's never done a nude scene as has always looked reluctant to do so.

Elizabeth Elam

Esmee Vermolen

Kourtney Kardashian

Pammie Lee

Rebecca Bagnol

Rhian Sugden

Ronda Rousey

Sara Christy

Zoi Gorman